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This is Your Moment - Find and Follow Your Unique Path in Life and Your Business

Andy Woodfield

The Intelligence of Happiness - How to Thrive Using Authenticity Self-Alignment and Simple Neuropsychology

Gi Gi O'Brien

Happiness - Inspiration for a rich life

Kerstin Hack

Members Club - A User's Guide to the Penis

Piet Hoebeke

No More Trauma No More Drama - A Psychologist's Path to Healing

Anthony J. Smith

The Ayurvedic Approach to IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Manu Das

Every Monday Matters for Families - 52-Weeks to Make a Positive Difference in You Your Family and Your Community

Matthew Emerzian

Knock It Out of the Park Leadership - The ABC’s of Entrepreneurial Success

Michael Dill

This Is How I Spell Grief - A Guide to Healing from Loss and Finding Fulfillment

Erik Lewin

Darkness Falls

David Mark

Transform Through Travel - Connecting Across Cultures

Robert Maisel

Project Love - What legacy do you want to leave?

Payman Fazly

The Indic Quotient - Reclaiming Heritage through Cultural Enterprise

Kaninika Mishra

Tired Teens - Understanding and Conquering Chronic Fatigue and POTS

Philip R. Fischer

A Layman Looks at Philosophy - and a little science

Cyril Tomkins

52 Years Coping with Chronic Back Pain

Alvaro Graña

Manifestation Magic - 21 Rituals Spells and Amulets for Abundance Prosperity and Wealth

Elhoim Leafar

The Law of Attraction

Raúl Micieli, Editrice Italica

The Inner Child

Raúl Micieli

Talents - Unveil them discover them and display them

Raúl Micieli

How to Put a Troubled Past Behind You - A FRESH* drawing-based approach (*Find help Record your feelings Examine your fears Sketch your thoughts and Harvest your success)

Luke Pemberton

Four Elements of the Wise - Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth Air Water Fire

Ivo Dominguez

Archetypal Tarot - What Your Birth Card Reveals About Your Personality Your Path and Your Potential

Mary K. Greer

Radiating competence and convincing people - What we can learn from managers for everyday life

Christian Haase

The 100-Year Life - Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

Lynda Gratton, Andrew J. Scott

Leadership Without Mind Games - How to Win People with Ethics and Decency

Frank Hagenow

Bad News - Why We Fall for Fake News

Rob Brotherton

Wild Soul Runes - Reawakening the Ancestral Feminine

Lara Veleda Vesta

Double Lives - A History of Working Motherhood

Helen McCarthy

My German Tax Return - A step-by-step guide to file your taxes in Germany

Akademische Arbeitsgemeinschaft