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Child of the Moon

Jessica Semaan

You Can Win - A step by step tool for top achievers

Shiv Khera

the princess saves herself in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

Planting Gardens in Graves II

r.h. Sin

The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace D. Wattles

Astrology in the Workplace - The Zodiac Guide to Creating Great Working Relationships

Penny Thornton

Broken Whole - A Memoir

Jane Binns

Two Minus One - A Memoir

Kathryn Taylor

The Art of Finding the Job You Love - An Unconventional Guide to Work with Meaning

Cara Heilmann

500 Powerful Affirmations - Think Act & Feel Positive

Nikki Karis

The Miracles of Your Mind

Joseph Murphy

Kamasutra with Illustrations

Vatsya Vatsyayana

Cherished Fortune - Make Your Wealth Your Business

Andrew Allentuck, Benoit Poliquin

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Mark Manson

Heart Lines

Gemma Troy

All You Wanted To Know About Sex - But were afraid to ask even your best friend

Haridutt Sharma

Money Matters for Financial Freedom - The Fast Path to Abundance in Life and Business

David Shippy, Leslie Shippy

Job Joy - Your Guide to Success Meaning and Happiness in Your Career

Kristen J. Zavo

Practice Happiness - Simple And Effective Strategies For A Happy And Meaningful Life

Lola Malaika

the witch doesn't burn in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

Investing Secrets for Entrepreneurs - Revealing the Highest ROI Investment You Can Ever Make

Mikkelsen Twins

Power to the Startup People - How To Grow Your Startup Career When You’re Not The Founder

Sarah E. Brown

Single Girl Problems - Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved

Andrea Bain


Caroline Millington

An enlightened path to Self Discovery

Ebrahim Mongratie

Meditation for everyone who think can’t meditate

Sandro Bosco

The Mystery Of The Dreamer And The Dream - A Guide To Lucid Dreaming

Markus Rehbach

Twelve Thousand Days - A memoir of love and loss

Eilis Ni Dhuibhne

The Way of the Warrior Mama - The Guide to Protecting and Raising Strong Daughters

Sally Clark

Phantom Messages - Chilling Phone Calls Letters Emails and Texts from Unknown Realms

William J. Hall, Jimmy Petonito