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Stalin and the Soviet Science Wars

Ethan Pollock

One Man's Owl - Abridged Edition

Bernd Heinrich

Work Made Fun Gets Done! - Easy Ways to Boost Energy Morale and Results 

Bob Nelson, Felix Mario Tamayo

Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland - When life becomes craft

Daniel Miller, Pauline Garvey

Ageing with Smartphones in Urban Italy - Care and community in Milan and beyond

Shireen Walton

The Global Smartphone - Beyond a youth technology

Daniel Miller, Xinyuan Wang, Charlotte Hawkins, Pauline Garvey, Shireen Walton, Laila Abed Rabho, Patrick Awondo, Maya de Vries, Marília Duque, Laura Haapio-Kirk, Alfonso Otaegui

An Internet in Your Head - A New Paradigm for How the Brain Works

Daniel Graham

Leverage Change - 8 Ways to Achieve Faster Easier Better Results

Robert W. Jacobs

The Self-Assembling Brain - How Neural Networks Grow Smarter

Peter Robin Hiesinger

A Degree in a Book: Electrical And Mechanical Engineering - Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject - in One Book!

David Baker

Public Waters - Lessons from Wyoming for the American West

Anne MacKinnon

The Gentrification of the Internet - How to Reclaim Our Digital Freedom

Jessa Lingel

Theory of the Earth

Thomas Nail

Itchy Tasty - An Unofficial History of Resident Evil

Alex Aniel

Eight Preposterous Propositions - From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming

Robert Ehrlich

21st Century Investing - Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change  

William Burckart, Steven Lydenberg

The Art of Caring Leadership - How Leading with Heart Uplifts Teams and Organizations

Heather R. Younger

Up to Heaven and Down to Hell - Fracking Freedom and Community in an American Town

Colin Jerolmack

Infectious Liberty - Biopolitics between Romanticism and Liberalism

Robert Mitchell

Breaking the Social Media Prism - How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing

Chris Bail

On the Horizon of World Literature - Forms of Modernity in Romantic England and Republican China

Emily Sun

Gaming Utopia - Ludic Worlds in Art Design and Media

Claudia Costa Pederson

If God Is a Virus

Seema Yasmin

Coastal Scotland - Celebrating the History Heritage and Wildlife of Scottish Shores

Stuart Fischer

Trusted Leader - 8 Pillars That Drive Results

David Horsager

Understanding the Digital World - What You Need to Know about Computers the Internet Privacy and Security Second Edition

Brian W. Kernighan

Delicious - The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human

Rob Dunn, Monica Sanchez

Steep Trails

John Muir

On Time and Water

Andri Snær Magnason

Augmented Exploitation - Artificial Intelligence Automation and Work

Jamie Woodcock, Phoebe Moore