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Science & Technology

Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning

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The Dream Revisited - Contemporary Debates About Housing Segregation and Opportunity

Justin Steil, Ingrid Ellen

Forms of a World - Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization

Walt Hunter

Renewable Energy - A Primer for the Twenty-First Century

Bruce Usher

Research and Design of Snow Hydrology Sensors and Instrumentation - Selected Research Papers

Raman K. Attri

Mining Encounters - Extractive Industries in an Overheated World

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Robert Jan Pijpers

Negotiating Governance on Non-Traditional Security in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Mely Caballero-Anthony

Pop City - Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place

Youjeong Oh

The Apollo Missions - The Incredible Story of the Race to the Moon

David Baker

The Fall of the Wild - Extinction De-Extinction and the Ethics of Conservation

Ben A. Minteer

Novel Shocks - Urban Renewal and the Origins of Neoliberalism

Myka Tucker-Abramson

Deep Time Dark Times - On Being Geologically Human

David Wood

Reading the Rocks - How Victorian Geologists Discovered the Secret of Life

Brenda Maddox

Unlocking Sustainable Cities - A Manifesto for Real Change

Paul Chatterton

New Borders - Hotspots and the European Migration Regime

Joe Painter, Antonis Vradis, Evie Papada, Anna Papoutsi

Seismic Instrumentation Design - Selected Research Papers on Basic Concepts

Raman K. Attri

The Story of Crossrail

Christian Wolmar

Coral Whisperers - Scientists on the Brink

Irus Braverman

What Future 2018 - The Year's Best Writing on What's Next for People Technology & the Planet

Meehan Crist, Rose Eveleth

18 Miles - The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

Christopher Dewdney

The Unconstructable Earth - An Ecology of Separation

Frédéric Neyrat

The Modern Prince - What Machiavelli Can Teach Us in the Age of Trump

Carnes Lord

Perishability Fatigue - Forays Into Environmental Loss and Decay

Vincent Bruyere

The Silk Roads - A History of the Great Trading Routes Between East and West

Geordie Torr

Life without Lead - Contamination Crisis and Hope in Uruguay

Daniel Renfrew

Smarter New York City - How City Agencies Innovate

André Corrêa d'Almeida

Are We Screwed? - How a New Generation is Fighting to Survive Climate Change

Geoff Dembicki

The Hen Harrier

Donald Watson

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Alexa - Super Easy Ways To Automate Your Home

Dave Andrew

The Postcolonial Contemporary - Political Imaginaries for the Global Present

Jini Kim Watson, Gary Wilder

The Universe as It Really Is - Earth Space Matter and Time

Thomas R Scott