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Solving Chemistry - A Scientist's Journey

Bernie Bulkin

Ivan Stranski - The Grandmaster of Crystal Growth

Ivan V Markov

Compendium of Atomic Alkali Resistant Optical Thin Films Diffusion and Electrical Mobility in Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers (DPALs)

Lindsay Quarrie

Biophotonics - Science and Technology

Yin Yeh, V V Krishnan

Crystal Healing: Revealed! The Exciting Secret to Using Powerful Crystals to Awaken Your Chakras Boost Your Energy and Transform Your Life

Charice Kiernan

A-Level Chemistry's Best Kept Secrets! - What Top Students Know That You Don't

K W David Tan, Leonard Pereira

Identification of Jade

Trudy Toohill

Laboratory handbook - What's in your water?

Ivan Scamorza

The Virility Paradox - The Vast Influence of Testosterone on Our Bodies Minds and the World We Live In

MD Ryan

Gemmological Instruments

River Pond

Gemstone Inclusions

River Pond

Reminiscences of Ahmed H Zewail: Photons Electrons and What Else? - A Portrait from Close Range Remembrances of his Group Members and Family

Abderrazzak Douhal, John Spencer Baskin, Dongping Zhong

Healing Crystals: The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals and Their Meanings and Uses: Includes Types of Healing Crystals and Their Uses and How to Clean Clear Charge and Activate Your Crystals

Shawna Blood

The Easiest Way to Understand Chemistry - Key Chemistry Concepts Problems and Solutions

Roy Richard Sawyer

Igniting the Chemical Ring of Fire - Historical Evolution of the Chemical Communities of the Pacific Rim

Seth C Rasmussen

Geochemistry and the Biosphere - Essays

Vladimir I. Vernadsky

Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy in Physical Chemistry

Atanu Bhattacharya

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry - 5 Steps #3

Julie C. Gilbert

Hyperspherical Harmonics and Their Physical Applications

James Emil Avery, John Scales Avery;;;

The Statistical Foundations of Entropy

John D Ramshaw

Wonders of Water - The Hydrogen Bond in Action

Ivar Olovsson

Crystals: The Best List Of Crystals And Their Meanings Uses Crystals Energy Crystal Healing And Energy Fields

Tom Hastings

Gold! - Madness Murder and Mayhem in the Colorado Rockies

Ian Neligh

A to Z Magic Mushrooms Making Your Own for Total Beginners

Lisa Bond

From Enemies to Partners - Vietnam the US and Agent Orange

Le Ke Son, Charles R. Bailey

Dna Nanotechnology For Bioanalysis: From Hybrid Dna Nanostructures To Functional Devices - From Hybrid DNA Nanostructures to Functional Devices

Giuseppe Arrabito, Liqian Wang;;;

Cosmetics And How To Make Them

R. Bushby

Synthetic Paradigm

Deepak Chowrasia

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