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Inside Finite Elements

Martin Weiser

Introduction to Topology

Min Yan

The Principia: The Authoritative Translation - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

Sir Isaac Newton

The Well-Being of Children - Philosophical and Social Scientific Approaches

Gottfried Schweiger, Gunter Graf

LA Math - Romance Crime and Mathematics in the City of Angels

James D. Stein

The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015

Mircea Pitici

Structure Theorems of Unit Groups

Eric Jespers, Ángel del Río

The Vienna Circle - The Origins of Neo-Positivism

Victor Kraft

Infinite Series in a History of Analysis - Stages up to the Verge of Summability

Hans-Heinrich Körle

R Programming - a Comprehensive Guide - Software

Editor IJSMI


IntroBooks Team

Integral of a function rational fract

Giuseppe Masciari

Eureka! Functions - Eureka!

Ardon Low

Statistical testing with R

Cole Davis

Time Series with Python: How to Implement Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Using Python

Bob Mather

Life in Mathematics

Jaineck Kabanda

Counting Numbers

neko shepherd

The Golden Mean

Robert J. Nemiroff, Jerry T. Bonnell

The Number "e"


Five of Maxwell's Papers

James Clerk Maxwell

A List of Factorial Math Constants


The Systems Thinker - Mental Models - Take Control Over Your Thought Patterns

Albert Rutherford

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Edwin Abbott Abbott

Practical Statistics

IntroBooks Team

Key Ideas on Randomness

IntroBooks Team

Counting Silly Faces Numbers 1-10 - Counting Silly Faces to One to One Hundred #1

Michael Craig

A Scheme of Heaven: The History of Astrology and the Search for our Destiny in Data

Alexander Boxer

The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev C L Dodgson)

Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

FLATLAND - A Romance of Many Dimensions - the distinguished Chiron edition

Edwin A. Abbott

Learn GCSE Maths on your Smartphone

Clive W. Humphris