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Brutal Reasoning - Animals Rationality and Humanity in Early Modern England

Erica Fudge

New Concept Mathematics - An Interactive approach to learning Basic Mathematics

Brown Mark

Professor Maxwell’s Duplicitous Demon - The Life and Science of James Clerk Maxwell

Brian Clegg

Cosmic Impact - Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets

Andrew May

On Happiness


We Never Would Have Guessed - Modern Discoveries that your Grandma Already Knew

Thejendra Sreenivas

The Cosma Hypothesis - Implications of the Overview Effect

Frank White

Manifestation Code - Solved -How to manifest your desires using the law of attraction

Oyintari Micheal

Quantum Philosophy - Anecdotes of Metaphysics and Reasoning

Richard Yegian

Research and Design of Snow Hydrology Sensors and Instrumentation - Selected Research Papers

Raman K. Attri

71+10 New Science Projects - Self learning kit

Dr.C.L. Garg, Amit Garg

Vedic Mathematics - Secrets skills for quick accurate mental calculations

Sumita Bose

71 Science Experiments - Verify classroom knowledge with experiments

Vikas Khatri

71+10 New Science Project Junior - Learning science - the fun way


71+10 New Science Activities - An interactive approach to learning science


Algebra 1 Workbook - The Self-Teaching Guide and Practice Workbook with Exercises and Related Explained Solution You Will Get and Improve Your Algebra 1 Skills and Knowledge from A to Z

Richard Carter

The Mystery of the Starbook

Csaba Duzmath, Dorottya Keresztesi

Seismic Instrumentation Design - Selected Research Papers on Basic Concepts

Raman K. Attri

How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls - Animal Movement and the Robots of the Future

David Hu

Coral Whisperers - Scientists on the Brink

Irus Braverman

18 Miles - The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

Christopher Dewdney

Citizen Science - Innovation in Open Science Society and Policy

Susanne Hecker, Muki Haklay, Anne Bowser, Zen Makuch, Johannes Vogel, Aletta Bonn

Phantasmatic Shakespeare - Imagination in the Age of Early Modern Science

Suparna Roychoudhury

Understanding Indian Philosophy through Modern Science

Manoj Bharti

Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead

Michael Epperson

Live Long and Evolve - What Star Trek Can Teach Us about Evolution Genetics and Life on Other Worlds

Mohamed A. F. Noor

Discover Physics

Benjamin Crowell

Shift the Work - The Revolutionary Science of Moving From Apathetic to All in Using Your Head Heart and Gut

Joe Mechlinski

IBM SPSS Statistics 21 Brief Guide

Andrei Besedin, IBM Corporation

Innovation Stories from India Inc - Their Story in Their Words

Vijay Menon