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Database Design and Implementation with MS SQL Server

Husni Fazeel

How to build your relationship very strong with your loved one


Machine Learning Interview Questions

Tech Interviews

Data Science for Business Professionals: A Practical Guide for Beginners

Probyto Data Science and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Python Programming : A Comprehensive Crash Course in Python for Absolute Beginners

Peter van Dijk

Linux : A Comprehensive Crash Course on Linux System Programming For Beginners - Installation Configuration and Command Line Basics

Guillem Ross

Python Programming for Beginners 2020:The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide With Step-by-Step Guidance And Hands-On Exercises Practical Programming for Total Beginners

Nathaniel A. Jean

Artificial Intelligence and Life: A Complete Guide to the Basic Concepts in AI Neural Networks Machine Learning and Data Science

Hans Weber

Designing Microservices Using Django: Structuring Deploying and Managing the Microservices Architecture with Django

Shayank Jain

Disconnected - How to Use People Data to Deliver Realness Meaning and Belonging at Work

Colleen McFarland

The Hidden Half - How the World Conceals its Secrets

Michael Blastland

Python For BeginnersLearn Data Science in 5 Days the Smart Way and Remember it Longer With Easy Step by Step Guidance & Hands on Examples (Python Crash Course-Programming for Beginners) - Python for Beginners

Arthur T. Brooks

Big Data Analytics - multi criteria decision making


Big Data and Hadoop: Learn by Example

Mayank Bhushan

Data Analytics with Google Cloud Platform

Murari Ramuka

CIX System Architecture

prosenjit sengupta

Data Management

IntroBooks Team

Crash Course Big Data

IntroBooks Team

Machine Learning with Tensorflow: A Deeper Look at Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Frank Millstein

Python Machine Learning: Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Frank Millstein

Natural Language Processing with Python: Natural Language Processing Using NLTK

Frank Millstein

Data Analytics with Python: Data Analytics in Python Using Pandas

Frank Millstein

Data Acquisition from HD Vehicles Using J1939 CAN Bus

Erich Walter, Richard Walter

Big Data for Enterprise Architects

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Data Migration From SQL To NoSQL

Ajit Singh, Sultan Ahmad

Text Analytics with Python: A Brief Introduction to Text Analytics with Python

Anthony S. Williams

Machine Learning : A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Learning And Understanding Machine Learning From Beginners Intermediate Advanced To Expert Concepts and Techniques

Peter Bradley

Python Data Persistence

Malhar Lathkar

SAP ABAP HANA Programming

Sudipta Malakar

Fundamental of Database Management System

Dr. Mukesh Negi