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Science & Technology

Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning

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Climate Justice - Hope Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future

Mary Robinson

Whose Water Is It Anyway? - Taking Water Protection into Public Hands

Maude Barlow

The Giant Otter - Giants of the Amazon

Jessica Groenendijk

The Missing Lynx - The Past and Future of Britain's Lost Mammals

Ross Barnett

London Buses in the 1970s - 1975–1979: From Crisis to Recovery

Jim Blake

Tracking The Highland Tiger - In Search of Scottish Wildcats

Marianne Taylor

Works Trams of the British Isles - A Survey of Tramway Engineers' Vehicles

Peter Waller

London's Transport Recalled - A Pictorial History

Charles Roberts, Martin Jenkins

Last Years of the London Titan

Matthew Wharmby

British Municipal Bus Operators - A Snapshot of the 1960s

Jim Blake

Mesozoic Sea Dragons - Triassic Marine Life from the Ancient Tropical Lagoon of Monte San Giorgio

Olivier Rieppel

Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand - Fifty Wonders That Reveal an Extraordinary Universe

Marcus Chown

Seeds of Science - Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs

Mark Lynas

The Southwold Railway 1879–1929 - The Tale of a Suffolk Byway

David Lee, Alan Taylor, Rob Shorland-Ball

Saving Fire Island from Robert Moses - The Fight for a National Seashore

Christopher C. Verga

Engineering Eden - A Violent Death a Federal Trial and the Struggle to Restore Nature in Our National Parks

Jordan Fisher Smith

Overrun - Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis

Andrew Reeves

Trams and Trolleybuses

Oliver Green

Europe - A Natural History

Tim Flannery

A Shadow Above - The Fall and Rise of the Raven

Joe Shute

Mapping Naval Warfare - A visual history of conflict at sea

Jeremy Black

Reading the Rocks - How Victorian Geologists Discovered the Secret of Life

Brenda Maddox

18 Miles - The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

Christopher Dewdney

No Place To Go - How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs

Lezlie Lowe

Are We Screwed? - How a New Generation is Fighting to Survive Climate Change

Geoff Dembicki

Unlikely Ally - How the Military Fights Climate Change and Protects the Environment

Marilyn Berlin Snell

The Hen Harrier

Donald Watson

Affluence Without Abundance - The Disappearing World of the Bushmen

James Suzman

Invisible Countries - Journeys to the Edge of Nationhood

Joshua Keating

When the Last Lion Roars - The Rise and Fall of the King of the Beasts

Sara Evans