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Hesitant Comrades - The Irish Revolution and the British Labour Movement

Geoffrey Bell

Just Work? - Migrant Workers' Struggles Today

Aziz Choudry, Mondli Hlatshwayo

A New Contract with the Middle Class

Isabel V. Sawhill, Richard V. Reeves

Family Welfare and the State - Between Progressivism and the New Deal

Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Crafting the Movement - Identity Entrepreneurs in the Swedish Trade Union Movement 1920–1940

Jenny Jansson

Contesting Precarity in Japan - The Rise of Nonregular Workers and the New Policy Dissensus

Saori Shibata

Nobody Cares - The Story of the World from Safetyman

Frank Safetyman Burg

Tell the Bosses We're Coming - A New Action Plan for Workers in the Twenty-First Century

Shaun Richman

Despotism on Demand - How Power Operates in the Flexible Workplace

Alex J. Wood

Mining Language - Racial Thinking Indigenous Knowledge and Colonial Metallurgy in the Early Modern Iberian World

Allison Margaret Bigelow

Robber Barons and Wretched Refuse - Ethnic and Class Dynamics during the Era of American Industrialization

Robert F. Zeidel

Oysters Macaroni and Beer - Thurber Texas and the Company Store

Gene Rhea Tucker

Poor Man's Fortune - White Working-Class Conservatism in American Metal Mining 1850–1950

Jarod Roll

Undelivered - From the Great Postal Strike of 1970 to the Manufactured Crisis of the US Postal Service

Philip F. Rubio

A Precarious Game - The Illusion of Dream Jobs in the Video Game Industry

Ergin Bulut

Men Is Cheap - Exposing the Frauds of Free Labor in Civil War America

Brian P. Luskey

How the World Works - The Story of Human Labor from Prehistory to the Modern Day

Paul Cockshott

Labor in the Time of Trump

Jasmine Kerrissey, Clare Hammonds, Tom Juravich, Dan Clawson, Eve Weinbaum

Disrupting Deportability - Transnational Workers Organize

Leah F. Vosko

Dust and Dignity - Domestic Employment in Contemporary Ecuador

Erynn Masi de Casanova

The Rousing of the Scottish Working Class

James D. Young

The Politics of Social Inclusion and Labor Representation - Immigrants and Trade Unions in the European Context

Heather Connolly, Stefania Marino, Miguel Martínez Lucio

No Longer Newsworthy - How the Mainstream Media Abandoned the Working Class

Christopher R. Martin

But Not Jim Crow - Family Memories of African American Loggers of Maxville Oregon

Pearl Alice Marsh

Privatized Planet - Free Trade as a Weapon Against Democracy Healthcare and the Environment

TJ Coles

Like Family - Domestic workers in South African history and literature

Ena Jansen

From Migrant to Worker - Global Unions and Temporary Labor Migration in Asia

Michele Ford

Make America Great Redefined - American series #2

Louis Asare

The Economic Super Power China's Secret Strategy To Become The Global Superpower - China #1

Louis Asare

The Apocalypse Of Great America - American series #1

Louis Asare