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Change for Good - An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

Paul Klein

Education Work and Family Events in Women's Lives - Long-Term Developments and Recent Trends in East and West Germany

Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld

Turn Your Fandom Into Cash - A Geeky Guide to Turn Your Passion Into a Business (or at least a Side Hustle)

Carol Pinchefsky

Female entrepreneurs

Teresa Alarcos

The Principles of Scientific Management (Illustrated) - More current Impossible!

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Power Questions - Inspiration for Solutions

Kerstin Hack

Questions for Reflection - Inspiration for thinking things through fully

Kerstin Hack

The Big Book of HR 10th Anniversary Edition

Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem

The Big Book of HR 10th Anniversary Edition

Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

Breakthroughs - Realizing Our Potentials Through Dynamic Tricky Mixes

Keith Nelson

Why She Must Lead - Bridging the Gap Between Opportunities and Women of Color

Vasudha Sharma

Climate Action Guide - Climate protection for businesses Practical Sustainable Effective

Ferry Heilemann

The Spirituality of Success - Getting Rich with Integrity

Vincent M. Roazzi

Climbing the ladder or falling off it - Essays on Economic Mobility in Europe

Gonzalo Schwarz, Caspian Rehbinder, Liss Erik, Martin Agerup, Radovan Ďurana, Syed Kamall

22 qualities of noble people

Carmen C. Abali

The Rule of 30 - A Better Way to Save for Retirement

Frederick Vettese

Recovery - How We Can Create a Better Brighter Future after a Crisis

Andrew Wear

Firework Humans

Jessica Mead

The Poetic Journey of Self-Leadership - Leadership Development along Stages of Psychological Growth

Babar Dharani

Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

Navlika Ratangee

The People Excellence Star - A Strategic Organisational Stress Test

Theo H Veldsman

Secrets of Power Negotiating 25th Anniversary Edition

Roger Dawson

Collective Intelligence at Work - A New Way of Understanding and Managing Organizations to Align People's Well-Being and Driving Business Results

Sergio Vergara Venegas

A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Volume 5 1973–1999

Rod McQueen

Profiles in strategy

Anders Drejer, Christer Vindelov-Lidzélius

The Emergence of Charismatic Business Leadership

Richard S. Tedlow

The Six Conversations of a Brilliant Manager

Alan J. Sears

Developing the Character of Success - Achieving in hard times

Esther Mburani

50 Shades of Leadership - The decisive moments of inspired leadership

Jan Myszkowski