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Responsive Agile Coaching - How to Accelerate Your Coaching Outcomes With Meaningful Conversations

Niall McShane

After the Gig - How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back

Juliet Schor

Hyper-Learning - How to Adapt to the Speed of Change

Edward D. Hess

Banking on Digital Growth - The Strategic Marketing Manifesto to Transform Financial Brands

James Robert Lay

Scaling Done Right - How to Achieve Business Agility with [email protected] and Make the Competition Irrelevant

Gereon Hermkes, Luiz Quintela

The Hidden History of Monopolies - How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream

Thom Hartmann

Cultural Values in Political Economy

J.P. Singh

How To Learn Xero Accounting Software Quickly!

Andrei Besedin

The Social CEO - How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader

Damian Corbet

Owners Workers & Entrepreneurs

Ahmad Abdul-Qadir

Career Assassin - Premeditated Lethal and 100% Legal

Ahmad Abdul-Qadir

Exploring Degrowth - A Critical Guide

Vincent Liegey, Anitra Nelson

Chutzpah - Why Israel Is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Inbal Arieli

Discernment - The Business Athlete's Regimen for a Great Life through Better Decisions

Jeff Dudan

Denial Desire Immersion - Evolution of Indian Consumers

Kishore Chakraborti

Tales from Albarado - Ponzi Logics of Accumulation in Postsocialist Albania

Smoki Musaraj

The Ascent of Market Efficiency - Finance That Cannot Be Proven

Simone Polillo

A Dozen Great Ways to Recruit Disabled People

Jane Hatton

Snakes in Suits Revised Edition - Understanding and Surviving the Psychopaths in Your Office

Paul Babiak, Robert D. Hare

Ascent to Glory - How One Hundred Years of Solitude Was Written and Became a Global Classic

Álvaro Santana-Acuña

Inclusive Conversations - Fostering Equity Empathy and Belonging across Differences

Mary-Frances Winters

She Is Me - How Women Will Save the World

Lori Sokol

On Purpose Leadership - Master the Art of Leading Yourself to Inspire and Impact Others

Dominick Quartuccio

So You Want to Start a Podcast - Finding Your Voice Telling Your Story and Building a Community That Will Listen

Kristen Meinzer

Ultralearning - Master Hard Skills Outsmart the Competition and Accelerate Your Career

Scott Young

Pick Up the Gum Wrapper - How to Create a Workplace That Increases Performance While Improving Lives

Joe Bertotto

#QUALIFIED - You Are More Impressive Than You Realize

Amanda Nachman

Economic corridors in Asia : paradigm of integration? A reflection for Latin America

Autores Varios

Ten Years to Midnight - Four Urgent Global Crises and Their Strategic Solutions

Blair H. Sheppard

The Tao of Trading - How to Build Abundant Wealth in Any Market Condition

Simon Ree