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Self-Employed - 50 Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur

Joel Comm, John Rampton

Manifest $10000 - Learn How to Manifest 10000 by Using the Law of Attraction and Improving Your Money Mindset

Cassie Parks

Filter Shift - How Effective People See the World

Sarah Taylor

Overcoming Bias - Building Authentic Relationships across Differences

Tiffany Jana, Matthew Freeman

Content Marketing 2016: Influencer Topics and The Most Important Trends - 2 Advanced Edition

Sell Communicate And

The Productivity Book - 30 Professionals Talk About Time Management

Michael Brecht

The 5-Figure Fiction Formula - How to generate 5-figure monthly sales from your writing

P. Teague

Door Opener - Use small talk communication networking targeted to success find opinion leaders get exactly the right contacts convince & persuade people with rhetoric & charisma

Simone Janson

Set Goals the Right Way & Achieve them - Pursuit realize implement everything plan & decide with strategy communication rhetoric stay on track to success win by ambition & focus

Simone Janson

Speaking Out on Governance - What Stakeholders Say About the Revolution

Deborah Hicks Midanek

Mobilizing for Development - The Modernization of Rural East Asia

Kristen E. Looney

Black Gold and Blackmail - Oil and Great Power Politics

Rosemary A. Kelanic

To Be an Entrepreneur - Social Enterprise and Disruptive Development in Bangladesh

Julia Qermezi Huang

Organize well Live Minimalism - Set priorities & perfect order arrange properly less is more make the right decisions master continuous stress & time traps with time management

Simone Janson

Introduction to Business and Economics

Bettina Fuhrman

Pirates In The Navy - How Innovators Lead Transformation

Tendayi Viki

Arts and Minds - How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation

Anton Howes

The Deportation Machine - America's Long History of Expelling Immigrants

Adam Goodman

The Coming of Neo-Feudalism - A Warning to the Global Middle Class

Joel Kotkin

GO DO! Implement Projects & Ideas against Resistance - Achieve your goals use strategy communication rhetoric understand power games & manipulation techniques make things easy

Simone Janson

Work Together in a Network - Use successfully swarm intelligence in project management set team spirit & motivation in flexible organizations achieve goals through good leadership

Simone Janson

Stop Doing That Sh*t - End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back

Gary John Bishop

A World In Two Minds - Why We must change our thinking to change our future

K.W. Jamieson

Plan & Increase Productivity - Work efficiently despite digital information overload master permanent stress manage time traps priorities & schedules make the right desicions

Simone Janson

How our economy really works - A Radical Reappraisal

Brian Hodgkinson

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 - 10th Anniversary Edition - A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World

Tina Seelig

The Remix - How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace

Lindsey Pollak

The Business of Platforms - Strategy in the Age of Digital Competition Innovation and Power

David B. Yoffie, Michael A. Cusumano, Annabelle Gawer

Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration - Practical Tools for Today’s Results-Driven Leader

Jill Ratliff

Developing Innovation - Innovation Management in IT Companies

Tomislav Buljubašić