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A Partnership Transformed - Three Decades of Cooperation between the Asian Development Bank and the People's Republic of China in Support of Reform and Opening Up

Robert Wihtol

Chen QiYuan: Pioneer of Modern Chinese Industry Entrepeneur Philanthropist

Moira Chan-Yeung

Dangerous Dreamers - The Financial Innovators from Charles Merrill to Michael Milken

Robert Sobel

The Archangels' Share - The Story of the World's First Syndicate of Business Angels

Graham Lironi, Kenny Kemp, Peter Shakeshaft

The Buxtons - 150 Years of Developing Melbourne

Peter Yule

Strategic Management and Business Policy : For Managers and Consultant

Hiriyappa .B

Business Environment

Hiriyappa .B

Strategy Implementation and Control

Hiriyappa .B

Formulation of Functional Level Strategy

Hiriyappa .B

Breaking Down the Steps to Set Up Your Nonprofit Organization : Creating a Legacy

Patrecia Williams

Corporate Homicide?: The Remarkable Inside Stories of How Some of the World's Most Famous Companies Destroyed Themselves

Jerry Feingold

Divining Desire - Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation

Liza Featherstone

The Wall Street Trilogy - A History

Antony C. Sutton

Powering a City - How Energy and Big Dreams Transformed San Antonio

Catherine Nixon Cooke

The Story of El Dorado Hills

Carl Kowall

The Handover - How Bigwigs and Bureaucrats Transferred Canada's Best Publisher and the Best Part of Our Literary Heritage to a Foreign Multinational

Elaine Dewar

Stories of [ad]ventures (2016)

Lorenzo Mazzoni, Piersandro Pallavicini, Rossella Canevari, Annarita Briganti, Marta Elena Casanova, Fernando Coratelli, Tiziano Marelli, Milena Prisco, Antonella Zanca

Business Philosophy according to Enzo Ferrari: from motorsports to business

Patrick Henz

Condensed Capitalism - Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century

Daniel Sidorick

An American Family Sampler The Founding Generation 1814-1908

Don Mazzella

Answering the Call - How Brian Canfield Shaped Canada's Telecom Industry

Steven Shephard

Behind the Screen – the Nokia Story

Ari Hakkarainen

The Way of the Entrepreneur - Lessons from the Journey to Build a Family-Owned Business Empire

William M. Raveis, Tom Connor

From Main Street to Mall - The Rise and Fall of the American Department Store

Vicki Howard