Reading without limits, the perfect plan for #stayhome
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The Fifteen Percent - Overcoming Hardships and Achieving Lasting Success

Terry Giles

Strategic Foresight - Accelerating Technological Change

Sarah Lai-Yin Cheah

Rocky road to earning a doctorate - A blueprint for self-guidance and personal responsibility

Atilla Vuran, Gunnar Seide

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety - Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Timothy R. Clark

The Virtual Entrepreneur

Daven Michaels

The Case for Climate Capitalism - Economic Solutions for a Planet in Crisis

Tom Rand

Wait I'm the Boss?!? - The Essential Guide for New Managers to Succeed from Day One

Peter Economy

Wait I'm the Boss?!? - The Essential Guide for New Managers to Succeed from Day One

Peter Economy

Building Your Dream Life - How Property Can Help You Quit the Rat Race

Bronwen Vearncombe

Beating the Odds: Winning Strategies of Women in STEM

Kelly Simmons, Patty Rowland Burke

The Socially Intelligent Project Manager - Soft Skills That Prevent Hard Days

Kim Wasson

Colonial Migrants at the Heart of Empire - Puerto Rican Workers on US Farms

Ismael García-Colón

The Autonomous Revolution - Reclaiming the Future We’ve Sold to Machines  

Michael S. Malone, William H. Davidow

Rediscovering the Islamic Classics - How Editors and Print Culture Transformed an Intellectual Tradition

Ahmed El Shamsy

Girls Can Move Mountains - Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship

Solanges Vivens

The 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership - Drive Change Manage Transitions and Help Any Organization Turn Around

Jackie Jenkins-Scott

Evergreen Talent - A Guide to Hiring and Cultivating a Sustainable Workforce

Roberta Chinsky Matuson

The Apprentice Billionaire's Guide to Profits - Build a Steady Stream of Profits to Keep Your Business Growing

Brad Sugars

The Apprentice Billionaire's Guide to Leads - Create a Stream of New Prospects that Become Loyal Customers

Brad Sugars

Regulating Human Research - IRBs from Peer Review to Compliance Bureaucracy

Sarah Babb

Cracking the Project Management Interview

Jim Keogh

Innovation through Fusion - Combining Innovative Ideas to Create High Impact Solutions

CJ Meadows

Formula X - How to Reach Extreme Acceleration in Your Organization

Rini van Solingen, Jurriaan Kamer

The Influential Product Manager - How to Lead and Launch Successful Technology Products

Ken Sandy

Poverty is not Natural

George Curtis

Love and the Highly-Engaged Team - Make a Difference Through Your Leadership

Maria R. Nebres

Play the System - A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Make Your Organization Listen and Change

Nora Ganescu

Keep Your Customers - How to Stop Customer Turnover Improve Retention and Get Lucrative Long-Term Loyalty

Ali Cudby

Twice as Good - Leadership and Power for Women of Color

Dr. Mary J. Wardell

Creating a Drama-Free Workplace - The Insider's Guide to Managing Conflict Incivility & Mistrust

Anna Maravelas