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Dig Your Heels In - Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deserve

Joan Kuhl

Cornell University Press Est 1869 - Our First 150 Years

Karen M. Laun

From Willard Straight to Wall Street - A Memoir

Thomas W. Jones


Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

Win the Heart - How to Create a Culture of Full Engagement

Mark Miller

Her Way To The Top - The Glass Ceiling Is Thicker Than It Looks

Hira Ali

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go - Career Conversations Organizations Need and Employees Want

Beverly Kaye, Julie Winkle Giulioni

The Law of Success

Napoleon Hill

The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale

Bust Your Fears - A personal guide to making smarter decisions faster

Tikiri Herath

Thinking Fast and Slow - Summarized for Busy People - Based on the Book by Daniel Kahneman

Goldmine Reads

How to Turn Your Passion to Profits - 5 Ways to turn your Passion into a 6 Figure Money Making Online Business

Mikkelsen Twins

How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle in 2019 - Quit Your Job and Make Money from Anywhere in the World

Mikkelsen Twins

How to Make Money Online in 2019 - 5 PROVEN Online Business Models that are Making People Rich

Mikkelsen Twins

How to Start a Blog - And Make Enough Money Online to Quit Your Job FOR GOOD

Mikkelsen Twins

London: Mobility City

Greg Clark, Tim Moonen, Jake Nunley

Supporting Innovators: Trust Purpose Partnership

Michael T. Mitchell

Uberland - How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work

Alex Rosenblat

EIB Investment Survey 2018 - Germany overview

Bank European Investment

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

The Miracles of Your Mind

Joseph Murphy

The Power of your Subconscious Mind

Joseph Murphy

The Power of Habit - Summarized for Busy People - Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business: Based on the Book by Charles Duhigg

Goldmine Reads

15 Business Ideas You can Start TODAY - Proven Business models that make people over $10000 per month

Mikkelsen Twins

Self-Publishing for Beginners - Why Self-Publishing ebooks print books and audiobooks is the Best Online Business Anyone can Begin in 2019

Mikkelsen Twins

The Ultimate Guide to Being an Online Entrepreneur in 2019 and Beyond - Why Making Money on the Internet is the Greatest Thing Ever

Mikkelsen Twins

Money Making Blogging - Beginner’s Guide to Making $10000 a Month with a Simple Blog

Mikkelsen Twins

The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income in 2019 - The Best Ways to Make Passive Income in 2019

Mikkelsen Twins

The story of your city

Greg Clark, Tim Moonen, Jake Nunley

Victimhood and Acknowledgement - The Other Side of Terrorism

Petra Terhoeven