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Early North African Christianity - Turning Points in the Development of the Church

David L. Eastman

Following (Pastoring for Life: Theological Wisdom for Ministering Well) - Embodied Discipleship in a Digital Age

Jason Byassee, Andria Irwin

The End of Religion Study Companion - Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus

Bruxy Cavey

Leaving Silence - Sexualized Violence the Bible and Standing with Survivors

Susannah Larry

Church Conflicts - The Cross Apocalyptic and Political Resistance

Ernst Käsemann

Does God have the flu? - Never!

Cindy Mezas

Be encouraged - 21-days daily devotional

Cindy Mezas

A Call to Christian Formation - How Theology Makes Sense of Our World

John C. Clark, Marcus Peter Johnson

Theological Foundations of Worship (Worship Foundations) - Biblical Systematic and Practical Perspectives

Khalia J. Williams, Mark A. Lamport

The Sermons to the Seven Churches of Revelation - A Commentary and Guide

Jeffrey A. D. Weima

31-Days Men's Devotional Journal - Journal your month with the Bible

Cindy Mezas

31-days Devotional Journal - Journal your month with the Bible

Cindy Mezas

Speak - Become a spiritual bodybuilder

Cindy Mezas

Are you your car? - Take control over your life

Cindy Mezas

Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings - A Mother's Search for Grace

Shari Zook

From Christ to Christianity - How the Jesus Movement Became the Church in Less Than a Century

James R. Edwards

The Land Is Not Empty - Following Jesus in Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

Sarah Augustine

How to Have an Enemy - Righteous Anger and the Work of Peace

Melissa Florer-Bixler

The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative

Steven D. Mathewson

Teaching and Learning across Cultures - A Guide to Theory and Practice

Craig Ott

Let the Light In - Healing from Distorted Images of God

Colin McCartney

Disability (Pastoring for Life: Theological Wisdom for Ministering Well) - Living into the Diversity of Christ's Body

Brian Brock

Defending the Faith - The Russian Orthodox Church and the Demise of Religious Pluralism 

Lincoln E. Flake

Reawakened - Activate Your Congregation to Spark Lasting Change

Glen Guyton

Dear White Peacemakers - Dismantling Racism with Grit and Grace

Osheta Moore

Preaching to People in Pain - How Suffering Can Shape Your Sermons and Connect with Your Congregation

Matthew D. Kim

Decisive Encounters

Roberto Badenas

Memorable Encounters

Roberto Badenas

Facing Sufering

Roberto Badenas

The sonship of Christ - Exploring the Covenant Identity of God and Man

Ty Ginson