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Political structure & processes

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A Lot of People Are Saying - The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy

Russell Muirhead, Nancy L. Rosenblum

Democracy for Sale - Elections Clientelism and the State in Indonesia

Edward Aspinall, Ward Berenschot

America the Fair - Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation

Dan Meegan

Everglades Betrayal - The Issue that Defeated Al Gore

Monika Mayr

Gateway State - Hawai‘i and the Cultural Transformation of American Empire

Sarah Miller-Davenport

Leadership and the Rise of Great Powers

Xuetong Yan

Emergency Chronicles - Indira Gandhi and Democracy's Turning Point

Gyan Prakash

The Seduction of Unreason - The Intellectual Romance with Fascism from Nietzsche to Postmodernism Second Edition

Richard Wolin

Good Trouble - A Shoeleather History of Nonviolent Direct Action

Steve Thornton

Collapse - A World in Crisis and the Urgency of American Leadership

Douglas E. Schoen

Our City - Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham

Jon Bloomfield

Can It Happen Here? - Authoritarianism in America

Cass R. Sunstein

How and Why Nations Fail

A. I. Abana

Democracy and Prosperity - Reinventing Capitalism through a Turbulent Century

Torben Iversen, David Soskice

After Victory - Institutions Strategic Restraint and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars New Edition - New Edition

G. John Ikenberry

Trumpocracy - The Corruption of the American Republic

David Frum

The Digital Party - Political Organisation and Online Democracy

Paolo Gerbaudo

Ambedkar Gandhi and Patel - The Making of India's Electoral System

Raja Sekhar Vundru

The New Authoritarianism - Vol 1: A Risk Analysis of the US Alt-Right Phenomenon

Alan Waring

Empire of Hope - The Sentimental Politics of Japanese Decline

David Leheny

Setting the People Free - The Story of Democracy Second Edition

John Dunn

Identity Crisis - The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America

John Sides, Michael Tesler, Lynn Vavreck

The Internet Trap - How the Digital Economy Builds Monopolies and Undermines Democracy

Matthew Hindman

The Unsolid South - Mass Politics and National Representation in a One-Party Enclave

Devin Caughey

Talking to North Korea - Ending the Nuclear Standoff

James Glyn Ford

Forging the Franchise - The Political Origins of the Women's Vote

Dawn Langan Teele

The Cash Ceiling - Why Only the Rich Run for Office--and What We Can Do about It

Nicholas Carnes

Call Them by Their True Names - American Crises (and Essays)

Rebecca Solnit

The Republican Workers Party - How the Trump Victory Drove Everyone Crazy and Why It Was Just What We Needed

F.H. Buckley

1948 - Harry Truman's Improbable Victory and the Year that Transformed America

David Pietrusza