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International relations

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North Korea - Warring with the World

Paul Moorcraft

Socializing Development - Transnational Social Movement Advocacy and the Human Rights Accountability of Multilateral Development Banks

Leon Valentin Schettler

Unexpected State - British Politics and the Creation of Israel

Carly Beckerman

Putin's Virtual War - Russia's Subversion and Conversion of America Europe and the World Beyond

William Nester

GCHQ - The Secret Wireless War 1900–1986

Nigel West

Assassins - The KGB's Poison Factory 10 Years On

Boris Volodarsky

Eight Days at Yalta - How Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin Shaped the Post-war World

Diana Preston

Breaking Protocol - America's First Female Ambassadors 1933–1964

Philip Nash

MI6: British Secret Intelligence Service Operations 1909–1945

Nigel West

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 12 (2019)

Margaret Beissinger, Lavinia Stan, Radu Cinpoes, Svetlana Suveica

Facing the Bear - Scotland and the Cold War

Trevor Royle

JFK and de Gaulle - How America and France Failed in Vietnam 1961–1963

Sean J. McLaughlin

Mozambican Civil War - Marxist-Apartheid Proxy 1977–1992

Stephen Emerson

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando

The Battle for Laos - Vietnam's Proxy War 1955–1975

Stephen Emerson

Why Europe Should Become a Republic! - A Political Utopia

Ulrike Guérot

From Pugwash to Putin - A Critical History of US-Soviet Scientific Cooperation

Gerson S Sher

MI5: British Security Service Operations 1909–1945 - The True Story of the Most Secret counter-espionage Organisation in the World

Nigel West

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 11 (2019)

Margaret Beissinger, Lavinia Stan, Radu Cinpoes

The Mueller Report - Complete Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election

Robert S. Mueller, Justice Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of

Lincoln Seward and US Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era

Joseph A. Fry

Deep Freeze - The United States the International Geophysical Year and the Origins of Antarctica's Age of Science

Dian Olson Belanger

Allied Intelligence and the Cover Up at Pointe Du Hoc - The History of the 2nd & 5th US Army Rangers 1943–30th April 1944

Gary Sterne

Secret War - The Story of SOE Britain's Wartime Sabotage Organisation

Nigel West

Cork Wars - Intrigue and Industry in World War II

David A. Taylor

A New Foreign Policy - Beyond American Exceptionalism

Jeffrey D. Sachs

The Secret World - A History of Intelligence

Christopher Andrew

Russia the EU and the Eastern Partnership - Building Bridges or Digging Trenches?

Vasile Rotaru

Invisible Countries - Journeys to the Edge of Nationhood

Joshua Keating

Asian Waters - The Struggle Over the Indo-Pacific and the Challenge to American Power

Humphrey Hawksley