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A Hundred Years of Spying

Phil Carradice

Break in the Chain—Intelligence Ignored - Military Intelligence in Vietnam and Why the Easter Offensive Should Have Turned out Differently

W. R. Baker

External Communication in Social Media During Asymmetric Conflicts - A Theoretical Model and Empirical Case Study of the Conflict in Israel and Palestine

Bernd Hirschberger

Leadership Rising

John F. Antal

The Lockerbie Bombing - A Father’s Search for Justice

Jim Swire, Peter Biddulph

Hidden Hand - Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg

The New Meatways and Sustainability - Discourses and Social Practices

Minna Kanerva

The Republican Party of Texas - A Political History

Wayne Thorburn

A Constitution of the People and How to Achieve It - What Bosnia and Britain Can Learn From Each Other

Aarif Abraham

Pandemic fascism - how does an ideology of hatred go viral? A brief essay on the fascistic soul

Alexandre Gossn

Beating the Nazi Invader - Hitler’s Spies Saboteurs and Secrets in Britain 1940

Neil R Storey


Michael Morris

Anatomy of a Killing - Life and Death on a Divided Island

Ian Cobain

The Gray Lady Winked - How the New York Times's Misreporting Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History

Ashley Rindsberg

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 31 (2021)

Peter Gross, Iuliu Ratiu, Claudia Lonkin

Food Security and International Relations - Critical Perspectives From the Global South

Thiago Lima, Agostina Costantino

Democracy Has Prevailed - Speeches Given at the Inauguration of President Joseph R Biden Jr

Amy Klobuchar, Joseph R. Biden

Nothing Is Too Big to Fail - How the Last Financial Crisis Informs Today

Kerry Killinger, Linda Killinger

Public Policy and Politics in Georgia - Lessons from Post-Soviet Transition

Tima T. Moldogaziev, Gene A. Brewer, J. Edward Kellough

Covert Radio Agents 1939–1945 - Signals From Behind Enemy Lines

David Hebditch

Women of the Third Reich - From Camp Guards to Combatants

Tim Heath

The Middle East Riddle - A Study of the Middle East Peace Process and Israeli-Arab Relations in Current Times

Luis Fleischman

The Great Fraud - All the keys to understand the maneuvers that put the US electoral system under a "coordinated siege and assault"

Paul Pences

The Uprising of the Pandemials - Human Cycles and the Decade of Turbulence

Federico Dominguez

Scatter 2 - Politics in Deconstruction

Geoffrey Bennington

GE2020: Fair or Foul?

Bertha Henson

The Luftwaffe's Secret WWII Missions

Dmitry Degtev, Dmitry Zubov

The Secret War Against the Arts - How MI5 Targeted Left-Wing Writers and Artists 1936–1956

Richard Knott

Countering Hitler's Spies - British Military Intelligence 1940–1945

Stephen Wynn

JFK vs Allen Dulles - Battleground Indonesia

Greg Poulgrain