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Political ideologies

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The Nazi Seizure of Power - The Experience of a Single German Town 1922-1945

William Sheridan Allen

Securing India The Modi Way - Pathankot Surgical Strikes and More

Nitin A Gokhale

Angolan War of Liberation - Colonial–Communist Clash 1961–1974

Al J. Venter

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Christopher Simpson - The Splendid Blond Beast Blowback and Science of Coercion

Christopher Simpson

Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence - John Hancock Samuel Adams John Adams Robert Treat Paine Lewis Morris Richard Stockton John Witherspoon Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson John Penn

Charles Augustus Goodrich

Hold Texas Hold the Nation - Victory or Death

Allen West

British Army of the Rhine - The BAOR 1945–1993

Paul Chrystal

Howard Zinn's Southern Diary - Sit-ins Civil Rights and Black Women's Student Activism

Robert Cohen

The Palestinian National Revival - In the Shadow of the Leadership Crisis 1937–1967

Moshe Shemesh

Generation Stalin - French Writers the Fatherland and the Cult of Personality

Andrew Sobanet

How to Resist - Turn Protest to Power

Matthew Bolton

Cold War Spymaster - The Legacy of Guy Liddell Deputy Director of MI5

Nigel West

The Communist Manifesto & The Capital - Including Two Important Precursors to Capital (Wage-Labour and Capital & Wages Price and Profit)

Karl Marx

The American Revolution (Vol 1&2) - Battle for American Independence: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory

John Fiske

The Capital (Vol 1-3) - Including The Communist Manifesto Wage-Labour and Capital & Wages Price and Profit

Karl Marx

Democracy in America: Volumes 1&2

Alexis de Tocqueville

North Korea Invades the South - Across the 38th Parallel June 1950

Gerry van Tonder

Hungarian Uprising - Budapest's Cataclysmic Twelve Days 1956

Louis Archard

Red China - Mao Crushes Chiang's Kuomintang 1949

Gerry van Tonder

Holocaust Public Memory in Postcommunist Romania

Alexandru Florian

Fighting Authoritarianism - American Youth Activism in the 1930s

Britt Haas

T-54 55 - The Soviet Army's Cold War Main Battle Tank

Anthony Tucker-Jones

El Salvador - Dance of the Death Squads 1980–1992

Al J. Venter

“Spirits that I’ve cited … ?” - Vladimír Clementis (1902–1952) The Political Biography of a Czechoslovak Communist

Josette Baer

Democracy Plan and Market: Yakov Kronrod's Political Economy of Socialism

David Mandel, Yakov Kronrod

Why Bad Governments Happen to Good People

Danny Katch

ON LIBERTY - The Philosophy of Individual Freedom - The Philosophy of Individual Freedom Civil & Social Liberty Liberty of Thought Individuality & Individual Freedom Limits to the Authority of Society Over the Individual

John Stuart Mill, W. L. Courtney

Phantom in the Cold War - RAF Wildenrath 1977–1992

David Gledhill

Yom Kippur - No Peace No War October 1973

Peter Baxter

The Lost Revolution - Germany 1918 to 1923

Chris Harman