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Public administration

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Civil Service in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

British Colonial Administration in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Local Government in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Political Ideologies

Anthony Anamgba

Pre-colonial Political Systems of Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Foreign Policies of Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Political Parties in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Military Government in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

International Relations

Anthony Anamgba


Anthony Anamgba


Anthony Anamgba

Is Congress Broken? - The Virtues and Defects of Partisanship and Gridlock

Jr. Connelly, John Pitney Jr., Gary J. Schmitt

Beyond Brexit? - How to assess the UK’s future

Janice Morphet

Calling the Shots - The President Executive Orders and Public Policy

Daniel P. Gitterman

Achieving Regulatory Excellence

Cary Coglianese

Out of War - Voices of Surrendered Maoists

Swati Sengupta

London Boroughs at 50

Tony Travers

Dealing with Dysfunction - Innovative Problem Solving in the Public Sector

Jorrit de Jong

Politics: Another Perspective - Commentary and Analysis on Race War Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of Obama

Wilmer J. Leon III Ph.D.

The Political Works of Daniel Defoe - Including The True-Born Englishman An Essay upon Projects The Complete English Tradesman & The Biography of the Author

Daniel Defoe

The Book : the Story of Red Tail Hawk - One Family’s Journey Through Addiction

K.A. Morini, Amanda Beth Randall

Substance not spin - An insider's view of success and failure in government

Nick Raynsford

Managing Diversity In Singapore: Policies And Prospects - Policies and Prospects

Mathew Mathews, Wai Fong Chiang

Statesmen and Mischief Makers: Volume Iii - Officeholders and Their Contributions to History from Kennedy to Reagan

Scott Crass

Power and Control of the Chinese Communist Party - An introduction to China's cadre management

Julia Marinaccio

Fourth ASEAN Chief Justices' Roundtable on Environment - Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection—The Proceedings

Asian Development Bank

Trust Funds and Fiscal Risks in the North Pacific - Analysis of Trust Fund Rules and Sustainability in the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia

Asian Development Bank

Statesmen and Mischief Makers: - Officeholders Who Were Footnotes in the Developments of History from Kennedy to Reagan

Scott Crass

The Return of the Neighborhood as an Urban Strategy

Michael A Pagano

Statesmen and Mischief Makers: - Officeholders and Their Contributions to History from Kennedy to Reagan

Scott Crass