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Political parties

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Trouble on the Far Right - Contemporary Right-Wing Strategies and Practices in Europe

Maik Fielitz, Laura Lotte Laloire

Campaign Confessions - Tales from the War Rooms of Politics

John Laschinger

Green Shoots of Democracy within the Philadelphia Democratic Party

Karen Bojar

Polarized - Making Sense of a Divided America

James E. Campbell

Europe in Revolt - Mapping the New European Left

Panagiotis Sotiris, Stathis Kouvelakis, Leandros Fischer, Peter Nilsson, David Zachariah, Vidar Thorsteinsson, David Broder, Clément Petitjean, Alex de Jong, Mark Bergfeld, Daniel Finn, Hilary Wainwright, Luke Stobart

The Canadian Federal Election of 2015

Jon H. Pammett, Christopher Dornan

The Way Back - Restoring the Promise of America

F.H. Buckley

The Reunited States of America - How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

Mark Gerzon

The Runaway Campaign - A Year Inside the Republican Race for President

Post The Washington

PolitiGuide 2016 - A Simple and Neutral Summary of the Most Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election

Julian Rudolph, Kyle Hackel

The Case Against Trump

Kevin D. Williamson

The Big Blue Machine - How Tory Campaign Backrooms Changed Canadian Politics Forever

J. Patrick Boyer

The reimagined party - Democracy change and the public

Katharine Dommett

How I Liberated My Nation

Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

TRUE REPRESENTATION - How Citizens' Assemblies and Sortition Will Save Democracy

Ted Wachtel

Words That Matter - How the News and Social Media Shaped the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Leticia Bode, Ceren Budak, Frank Newport, Josh Pasek, Lisa O. Singh, Stuart N. Soroka, Michael W. Traugott, Jonathan M. Ladd

Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy

David Daley

Inside European Political Parties

Teodor Gvazava

Ethnoregionalism And Its Strategies

Teodor Gvazava

Strong Patronage Weak Parties - The Case for Electoral System Redesign in the Philippines

Paul D Hutchcroft

Departures on the House - How Retirements Redistricting and Scandal Yielded a Near-Postwar Record of House Members Exiting in 1992

Scott Crass

Coming Home - How Black Americans Will Re-Elect Trump

Vernon Robinson, Bruce Eberle

Dirty Tricks in the Digital Age

Elaine C. Kamarck, Darrell M. West

Why America Needs Socialism - The Argument from Martin Luther King Helen Keller Albert Einstein and Other Great Thinkers

G. S. Griffin

Township Violence and the End of Apartheid - War on the Reef

Gary Kynoch

The uneven path of British Liberalism - From Jo Grimond to Brexit second edition

Tudor Jones

Populocracy - The Tyranny of Authenticity and the Rise of Populism

Catherine Fieschi

Financing the 2016 Election

David B. Magleby

Causative Factors of the Third Party Movement

James Killebrew

Fighting for the Dream

RW Johnson