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Political ideologies

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Equilibrium - A Force Worth Dying For

Batuto López Garcete

Genocide by Famine

Institute Memory

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Christopher Simpson - The Splendid Blond Beast Blowback and Science of Coercion

Christopher Simpson

Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence - John Hancock Samuel Adams John Adams Robert Treat Paine Lewis Morris Richard Stockton John Witherspoon Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson John Penn

Charles Augustus Goodrich

England's Discontents - Political Cultures and National Identities

Mike Wayne

National Secession - Persuasion and Violence in Independence Campaigns

Philip G. Roeder

Class Party Revolution - A Socialist Register Reader

Leo Panitch, Greg Albo

Talking to North Korea - Ending the Nuclear Standoff

Glyn Ford

The Sky Is Falling - How Vampires Zombies Androids and Superheroes Made America Great for Extremism

Peter Biskind

Capitalism and Theory: Selected Writings of Michael Kidron

Michael Kidron

The Nazis - The Rise and Fall of History’s Most Evil Empire

Paul Roland

The Republican Workers Party - How the Trump Victory Drove Everyone Crazy and Why It Was Just What We Needed

F.H. Buckley

Indefensible - Democracy Counterrevolution and the Rhetoric of Anti-Imperialism

Rohini Hensman

Life After the Third Reich - The Struggle to Rise from the Nazi Ruins

Paul Roland

Nazi Women of the Third Reich - Serving the Swastika

Paul Roland

Chaos in the Liberal Order - The Trump Presidency and International Politics in the Twenty-First Century

Robert Jervis, Francis Gavin, Joshua Rovner, Diane N. Labrosse

Cold War Spymaster - The Legacy of Guy Liddell Deputy Director of MI5

Nigel West

Radicals in the Barrio - Magonistas Socialists Wobblies and Communists in the Mexican-American Working Class

Justin Akers Chacón

The 18th brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - The essay discusses the French coup of 1851

Karl Marx

The Ecocentrists - A History of Radical Environmentalism

Keith Makoto Woodhouse

Feminist Freedom Warriors - Genealogies Justice Politics and Hope

Chandra Talpede Mohanty, Linda Carty

Red White and Latina - Our American Identity

Cristina Pérez

Towards a Gay Communism - Elements of a Homosexual Critique

Mario Mieli

The Capital (Vol 1-3) - Including The Communist Manifesto Wage-Labour and Capital & Wages Price and Profit

Karl Marx

The American Revolution (Vol 1&2) - Battle for American Independence: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory

John Fiske

The Communist Manifesto & The Capital - Including Two Important Precursors to Capital (Wage-Labour and Capital & Wages Price and Profit)

Karl Marx

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

Equals and More Equals - Semitism Is an Organized Private Power

Janos Drabik

Alt-Right - From 4chan to the White House

Mike Wendling

School of Europeanness - Tolerance and Other Lessons in Political Liberalism in Latvia

Dace Dzenovska