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Comparative politics

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God knoweth how to deliver the Godly out of temptation

Mark Smith

Debating to Win Arguments Mastery - The Debating Trilogy

R. L. Greene, Reina Donovan

Party Responses to Social Movements - Challenges and Opportunities

Daniela R. Piccio

The Prince

Niccolò Machiavelli, Baha Taquiulden

Two Models of Government

Michael Arnheim

Information and Institutions of Government Accountability

Robert David Hughes, Leonard Warren Cook

Inside Russian Politics

Edwin Bacon

China Vs US - A Political Analysis of US—China Competition a Police State Vs a Democracy

Brad Peery

Rethinking Contemporary Indian Polity

Dr Shalini Saxena

The Chakerian Charter

Nicolas M. Parker

The philosophy of self destruction


Dancing on the Edge of the Widening Gyre: A History of Our Times

Mark David Ledbetter

America's Forgotten History: Part One: Foundations - America’s Forgotten History #1

Mark David Ledbetter

America's Forgotten History: Part Three: A Progressive Empire - America’s Forgotten History #3

Mark David Ledbetter

America's Empty Throne And President Trumps' Revolution

Michael Reagan

Our Captured Minds

David Anthony Matthews

Gun Control USA

Albert Jack

Drafting dynamic constitution

Israel Rajan

Understanding the game of politics in nigeria: a practical approach


Rural Development Policies In Sub-Saharan Africa And Cooperation With The European Union : United Republic Of Tanzania

Joannes Maria De Luca

Political Hash : Standing Tall in the Face of Abject Snowflake-ism

Don Gumball

In Search of Good Government - Great Expectations & Political Amnesia

Laura Tingle

How to Argue with Right-Wingers – A Winning Strategy to Dealing With the Other Side

Daniel A. Amerson

How to Argue with Leftists – A Winning Strategy to Dealing with the Other Side

Daniel A. Amerson

The Miliverse

Joel Cornah

Fractured & Other Out of The Box Thoughts

TW Scott

The Technological Invention that Shocked the World in the 20th Century Or the Russians Launched Sputnik - SHORT STORY # 29 Nonfiction series #1 - # 60

Alla P. Gakuba

The Rights of Man

Thomas Paine

The Role of the President of India

Prof Balakrishna

The Elements of Reconstruction

H. G. Wells