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A Lyrical Letter - Poetic Memoirs


Cabin Crew Conflict - The British Airways Dispute 2009-11

Philip Taylor, Sian Moore, Robert Byford

Reflections - Poetic Thoughts of Essence

Ái (皚)

In the Ruins of Neoliberalism - The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West

Wendy Brown

Syria After the Uprisings - The Political Economy of State Resilience

Joseph Daher

China's Urban Champions - The Politics of Spatial Development

Kyle A. Jaros

Rebuilding Liberalism - Social Justice with Individual Freedom

Guy Stanley


Simon Tormey

1968 - Radical Protest and Its Enemies

Richard Vinen

The Women's Revolution - Russia 1905–1917

Judy Cox

Antidemocracy in America - Truth Power and the Republic at Risk

Eric Klinenberg, Sharon Marcus, Caitlin Zaloom

The Dynamics of Risk - Changing Technologies and Collective Action in Seismic Events

Louise K. Comfort

Syria after the Uprisings - The Political Economy of State Resilience

Joseph Daher

The Credibility Challenge - How Democracy Aid Influences Election Violence

Inken von Borzyskowski

Poppies Politics and Power - Afghanistan and the Global History of Drugs and Diplomacy

James Tharin Bradford

Gender War and World Order - A Study of Public Opinion

Richard C. Eichenberg

Speaking Out in Vietnam - Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party–Ruled Nation

Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet

To Shape Our World for Good - Master Narratives and Regime Change in US Foreign Policy 1900–2011

Jr. Walldorf

Progress Vs Parasites - A Brief History of the Conflict that's Shaped our World

Douglas Carswell

The President on Capitol Hill - A Theory of Institutional Influence

Jeffrey E. Cohen

Old Whigs - Burke Lincoln and the Politics of Prudence

Greg Weiner

My Seditious Heart - Collected Nonfiction

Arundhati Roy

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando

Earthquake - : How the Ever-shifting Healthcare Model Victimizes Americans

Brian H. Casull

Fear of Breakdown - Politics and Psychoanalysis

Noëlle McAfee

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society - 2019 1

Julie Fedor, Andrey Makarychev, Andreas Umland

The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller

Romania’s Strategic Culture 1990–2014 - Continuity and Change in a Post-Communist Country’s Evolution of National Interests and Security Policies

Iulia-Sabina Joja

Emancipation After Hegel - Achieving a Contradictory Revolution

Todd McGowan

The Social Media Upheaval

Glenn Harlan Reynolds