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Public administration

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Make America Great--Like Norway

Dr. Bob O'Connor

Public Trust in Singapore

David Chan

Nigeria 2019 Elections: Why Muhammadu Buhari is Still the Best Option - Nigeria #1

Monday Sadiku

Local knowledge matters - Power context and policy making in Indonesia

Kharisma Nugroho, Fred Carden

Blown Budget: Optics Problem

Steve Kassel Smith

Singapore Perspectives 2017 - What If?

Gillian Koh, Debbie Soon;;;

Maaate! Bribe-Proofing the Public Purse Against Good Blokes

Bernie Dowling

Daniel Defoe: Political Writings (Including The True-Born Englishman An Essay upon Projects The Complete English Tradesman & The Biography of the Author)

Daniel Defoe

Matters of Life and Death - Public Health Issues in Canada

André Picard

The Ipinions Journal - Commentaries on the Global Events of 2016—Volume Xii

Anthony Livingston Hall

Public Opinion

Anthony Anamgba

Political Crises in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Political Parties

Anthony Anamgba

Political Parties in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Civil Service in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Local Government in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Federalism in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

British Colonial Administration in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Pre-colonial Political Systems of Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Constitutional Development in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Foreign Policies of Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

International Relations

Anthony Anamgba


Anthony Anamgba


Anthony Anamgba

Military Government in Nigeria

Anthony Anamgba

Political Ideologies

Anthony Anamgba

Is Congress Broken? - The Virtues and Defects of Partisanship and Gridlock

Jr. Connelly, John Pitney Jr., Gary J. Schmitt

Calling the Shots - The President Executive Orders and Public Policy

Daniel P. Gitterman

Achieving Regulatory Excellence

Cary Coglianese

Out of War - Voices of Surrendered Maoists

Swati Sengupta