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Political structure & processes

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Observing Conflict Escalation in World Society - Ukraine's Maidan and Mali's Breakup

Richard Bösch

Who Really Owns Ireland - How we became tenants in our own land - and what we can do about it

Matt Cooper

Propaganda Decoded

Birand Bingul

A Tale of Two Unions - The British Union and the European Union After Brexit

Mark Corner

Cosmos and Republic - Arendtian Explorations of the Loss and Recovery of Politics

Wolfgang R. Heuer

The Art of the Impossible - How to start a political party (and why you probably shouldn't)

Andrew Reid, Simon Carr

The Integration Policies of Belarus and Ukraine vis-à-vis the EU and Russia - A Comparative Case Study Through the Prism of a Two-Level Games Approach

Victoria Leukavets

We Will Be Heard - Women's Struggles for Political Power in the United States

Jo Freeman

A Relational vision for Europe: - Revitalising Christian Democracy today

Matthew N. Williams

Global Authoritarianism - Perspectives and Contestations from the South

International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies

A Question of RESPECT - Bringing Us Together in a Deeply Divided Nation

Ed Goeas, Celinda Lake

Has Populism Won? - The War on Liberal Democracy

Daniel Drache, Marc D. Froese

A Swiss Foreign Policy for the 21st Century

Thomas Bernauer, Katja Gentinetta, Joëlle Kuntz

Voting in a Time of Change

Kevin YL Tan, Terrence Lee

United Nation - The case for integrating Ireland

Frank Connolly

Pandemonium - Power Politics and Ireland's Pandemic

Jack Horgan-Jones, Hugh O'Connell

What WE Lost - Inside the Attack on Canada’s Largest Children’s Charity

Tawfiq S. Rangwala

(Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies - Perspectives on the Power of Algorithms and Data

Sven Quadflieg, Klaus Neuburg, Simon Nestler

Ordinary Equality - The Fearless Women and Queer People Who Shaped the US Constitution and the Equal Rights Amendment

Kate Kelly

Political Leadership Between Democracy and Authoritarianism - Comparative and Historical Perspectives

Jerzy J. Wiatr

If You Don't Run They Can't Chase You - Stories from the Frontline in the Fight for Social Justice

Neil Findlay

External Communication in Social Media During Asymmetric Conflicts - A Theoretical Model and Empirical Case Study of the Conflict in Israel and Palestine

Bernd Hirschberger

101 Ways to Win an Election

Mark Pack, Edward Maxfield

Hidden Hand - Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg

The New Meatways and Sustainability - Discourses and Social Practices

Minna Kanerva

The New Snobbery

David Skelton

A Constitution of the People and How to Achieve It - What Bosnia and Britain Can Learn From Each Other

Aarif Abraham


Michael Morris

Reunited Nation? - American politics beyond the 2020 election

Michael Ashcroft

GE2020: Fair or Foul?

Bertha Henson