Reading without limits, the perfect plan for #stayhome
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The Hynek UFO Report - The Authoritative Account of the Project Blue Book Cover-Up

J. Allen Hynek

We Are Worth Fighting For - A History of the Howard University Student Protest of 1989

Joshua M. Myers

My Struggle - An Epic Illuminati Story

Ash Bunsee

The Gestapo - A History of Hitler's Secret Police 1933-45

Rupert Butler


Christian Wolmar

Freedom’s Call - The Ayahuasca Quest

Robert Riley

Coming of Age in Jim Crow DC - Navigating the Politics of Everyday Life

Paula C. Austin

Tomorrow's World Order's Sovsuperiuscogens

David Gomadza

Mind Hacking - How to Change Your Mind Become a Master of Your Emotions Achieve the Goals You Want & Start Living to Your Full Potential

Tiffany Adams

Beyond Hashtags - Racial Politics and Black Digital Networks

Sarah Florini

Utopophobia - On the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy

David Estlund

Down Days

Craig Hallam

Frottage - Frictions of Intimacy across the Black Diaspora

Keguro Macharia

The Race Card - From Gaming Technologies to Model Minorities

Tara Fickle

Framed by War - Korean Children and Women at the Crossroads of US Empire

Susie Woo

Repowering Cities - Governing Climate Change Mitigation in New York City Los Angeles and Toronto

Sara Hughes

You Make Me… - The Perfect Romantic Gift to Say “I Love You” To Your Partner

Summersdale Publishers

Tomorrow's World Order THE CONSTITUTION - & Our Important Principles

David Gomadza

American Resistance - From the Women's March to the Blue Wave

Dana R. Fisher

The Boy Who Loved the Moon

Thérèse Corfiatis

Alta California - From San Diego to San Francisco A Journey on Foot to Rediscover the Golden State

Nick Neely

War and Health - The Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Catherine Lutz, Andrea Mazzarino

The North American Arctic - Themes in Regional Security

Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Heather N. Nicol

The Wisdom Years - Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life

Zvi Lanir

Get People to Do What You Want - How to Use Body Language and Words for Maximum Effect

Gregory Hartley, Maryann Karinch

The Prison Dilemma - To incarcerate or rehabilitate? - A controversial argument

Bernd Maelicke

Your Choice - Analogue opportunist or progressive optimist? An invitation to participate in system change

Sebastian Michael, Christopher Peterka


Irene Iturbide

Vegas Brews - Craft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene

Michael Ian Borer

Transgressed - Intimate Partner Violence in Transgender Lives

Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz