Reading without limits, the perfect plan for #stayhome
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The City Lament - Jerusalem across the Medieval Mediterranean

Tamar M. Boyadjian

Conversion Disorder - Listening to the Body in Psychoanalysis

Jamieson Webster

What the Poets Are Doing

Rob Taylor


Inkfeathers .

TV Reddy's Fleeting Bubbles - An Indian Interpretation

Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya

Emergent Worlds - Alternative States in Nineteenth-Century American Culture

Edward Sugden

Phantasmatic Shakespeare - Imagination in the Age of Early Modern Science

Suparna Roychoudhury

On the Threshold of Eurasia - Revolutionary Poetics in the Caucasus

Leah Feldman

Writing the Nation: A Concise Introduction to American Literature 1865 to Present

Doug Davis, Amy Berke, Robert Bleil, Jordan Cofer

Arthurian Romance and the Knightly Ideal - A study of Medieval Romantic Literature and its Effect upon Warrior Culture in Europe

Adam Haviaras

Y Gododdin - The Last Stand of Three Hundred Britons: Understanding People and Events during Britain’s Heroic Age

Adam Haviaras

Celtic Literary Archetypes in The Mabinogion - A Study of the Ancient Tale of Pwyll Lord of Dyved

Adam Haviaras

Help Breeds Help

Ilechukwu Ifechukwu

The Collected Essays Volume One - Occasional Prose The Writing on the Wall and Ideas and the Novel

Mary McCarthy

The Collected Essays Volume Two - Mary McCarthy's Theatre Chronicles 1937–1962 and On the Contrary

Mary McCarthy

Books of the Dead - Reading the Zombie in Contemporary Literature

Tim Lanzendörfer

The Circle of Nine - An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within

Cherry Gilchrist

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Charles Dickens' Unfinished Novel and Our Endless Attempts to End It

Pete Orford

Dead End - A Psychological Horror

Matt Shaw

The Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon

Ivan Morris

The Politics and Poetics of Authenticity - A Cultural Genealogy of Sinhala Nationalism

Harshana Rambukwella

America's Dark Theologian - The Religious Imagination of Stephen King

Douglas E. Cowan

Secret Meanings In Shakespeare Applied To Stage Performance - The Practice of Esoteric Arcana exploring the Plays’ Mysteries

Wendy Jean Macphee

Ideals of American Literature

Hamilton Wright Mabie

History Is a Contemporary Literature - Manifesto for the Social Sciences

Ivan Jablonka

The Shorter Writings


Security and Terror - American Culture and the Long History of Colonial Modernity

Eli Jelly-Schapiro

Crossroads of Colonial Cultures - Caribbean Literatures in the Age of Revolution

Gesine Müller

Working-Class Comic Book Heroes - Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics

Marc DiPaolo

The Chain of Things - Divinatory Magic and the Practice of Reading in German Literature and Thought 1850–1940

Eric Downing