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Fatal Charm - The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy Roth

Carlton Smith

American Murder - Three True Crime Classics

Darcy O'Brien

Double Homicide - Two Tales of True Crime

John Coston

Deadly Obsessions - Three True Crime Sagas

Joan Barthel

The White Album - Essays

Joan Didion

21 Days to Resilience - How to Transcend the Daily Grind Deal with the Tough Stuff and Discover Your Strongest Self

Zelana Montminy

Delphi Complete Works of John Locke (Illustrated)

Locke John

Rhodesian Light Infantryman 1961–80

Neil Grant

Kafka - The Early Years

Reiner Stach

Der Briefwechsel

Alexius Meinong, Kazimierz Twardowski

A is for Arsenic - The Poisons of Agatha Christie

Kathryn Harkup

Theory U - Leading from the Future as It Emerges

Otto Scharmer

The Other Serious - Essays for the New American Generation

Christy Wampole

I Am Not a Slut - Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet

Leora Tanenbaum

The Power of Soft

Hilary Gallo

Fire Canoe - Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited

Ted Barris

Why Be Moral?

Beatrix Himmelmann, Robert Louden

Rethinking Camelot - JFK the Vietnam War and US Political Culture

Noam Chomsky

Maximizing Your Energy To Use Your Maximum Potential : How To Pursue The Most Difficult Tasks With Your Maximum Energies And Potential!

Nicky J. Westen

New Mexico 2050

Fred Harris

Secret Edinburgh

Jack Gillon

The Most Beautiful Business on Earth - How to Be Successful with Forever Living Products

Rolf Kipp

Locked Out - Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture

Evan Elkins


Stephen Fry

Body Language for Leaders - Use Rhetoric & Psychology Improve Gestures & Facial Expressions Control Non-Nerbal Communication & Physical Signals Learn Apperance Effect & Charisma

Simone Janson

Body Language & Secrets of Nonverbal Communication - Effect & Rhetoric Read & Understand People Correctly Interpret Gestures & Facial Expressions Recognize Lies & Manipulation like FBI Agents

Simone Janson

Roman Legionary vs Carthaginian Warrior - Second Punic War 217–206 BC

David Campbell

Rome at War

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

British Battle Tanks - American-made World War II Tanks

Steven J. Zaloga, David Fletcher

French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872–1914

René Chartrand