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Hellacious California! - Tales of Rascality Revelry Dissipation and Depravity and the Birth of the Golden State

Gary Noy

How to Survive in Ancient Greece

Robert Garland

The Fear Paradox - How Our Obsession With Feeling Secure Imprisons Our Minds and Shapes Our Lives

Frank Faranda

School of the Moon - The Highland Cattle-Raiding Tradition

Stuart McHardy

The Well of the Heads - And Other Tales of the Scottish Clans

Stuart McHardy

Echoes of Trauma and Shame in German Families - The Post–World War II Generations

Lina Jakob

How to Survive in Ancient Egypt

Charlotte Booth

The True Story of the American Flag

John H. Fow

Anthropology For Beginners

Micah J. Fleck

Political Participation in the Digital Age - An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany

Julia Tiemann-Kollipost

Humor Education and Art - Humor: a transdisciplinary approach

Alberto Dionigi, Ibukun Filani, Magali Gravier, Paul Jewell, Mike Lloyd, Lita Lundquist, Parkin John C, Arie Sover, Douglas Wulf

Folk Literati Contested Tradition and Heritage in Contemporary China - Incense Is Kept Burning

Ziying You

The Grimy 1800s - Waste Sewage & Sanitation in Nineteenth Century Britain

André Gren

Socialist Heritage - The Politics of Past and Place in Romania

Emanuela Grama

New Mexico Death Rituals - A History

Ana Pacheco

The Philosophers' Gift - Reexamining Reciprocity

Marcel Hénaff

Warriors of the Word - The World of the Scottish Highlanders

Michael Newton

Wedding Clothes and the Osage Community - A Giving Heritage

Daniel C. Swan, Jim Cooley

Stories of Rootworkers & Hoodoo in the Mid-South

Tony Kail

Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune - How Younger Sons Made Their Way in Jane Austen's England

Rory Muir

New York City's Hart Island - A Cemetery of Strangers

Michael T. Keene

Mental Health and Palestinian Citizens in Israel

Itzhak Levav, Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia, Ora Nakash

Cities of Entanglements - Social Life in Johannesburg and Maputo Through Ethnographic Comparison

Barbara Heer

What We Did in Bed - A Horizontal History

Brian Fagan, Nadia Durrani

The Scandal of Continuity in Middle East Anthropology - Form Duration Difference

Andrew Shryock, Judith Scheele

Feminism Violence and Representation in Modern Italy - "We are Witnesses Not Victims"

Giovanna Parmigiani

Around the Province in 88 Days - One Woman Two Pairs of Sneakers and 3000 Kilometers of Nova Scotia Coastline

Emily Taylor Smith

Polygamy - An Early American History

M. S. Pearsall

Multipolare Welt - Sozialwissenschaftliche Studien des Schweizerischen Instituts für Auslandforschung Band 45

Martin Meyer

Levels of Organic Life and the Human - An Introduction to Philosophical Anthropology

Helmuth Plessner