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Twentieth Century Paris - 1900-1950: A Literary Guide for Travellers

Marie-José Gransard

The White Cockade - Historical Tales of the Jacobites

Stuart McHardy

The Roman Imperial Succession

John D. Grainger

US Navy Battleships 1886–98 - The pre-dreadnoughts and monitors that fought the Spanish-American War

Brian Lane Herder

One Week in April - The Scottish Radical Rising of 1820

Maggie Craig

Sex and Sexuality in Victorian Britain

Violet Fenn

The Last of Africa's Cold War Conflicts - Portuguese Guinea and its Guerilla Insurgency

Al J. Venter

Rebellion Against Henry III - The Disinherited Montfortians 1265–1274

David Pilling

The Irish War of Independence and Civil War

John Gibney

Living in Medieval England - The Turbulent Year of 1326

Kathryn Warner

Railway Carriages

Tim Bryan

Sicily - Island of Beauty and Conflict

Jeremy Dummett

School of the Moon - The Highland Cattle-Raiding Tradition

Stuart McHardy

Counterinsurgency - Theory and Reality

Daniel Whittingham, Stuart Mitchell

Jewish Forced Labor in Romania 1940–1944

Dallas Michelbacher

Blood and Money - War Slavery Finance and Empire

David McNally

Farming the City - The Resilience and Decline of Urban Agriculture in European History Resilienz und Niedergang der städtischen Landwirtschaft in der europäischen Geschichte

Erich Landsteiner, Tim Soens

Holocaust - The Nazis' Wartime Jewish Atrocities

Stephen Wynn

Ghosts of the Belle Époque - The History of the Grand Hôtel et des Palmes Palermo

Andrew Edwards, Suzanne Edwards

The 1066 Norman Bruisers - How European Thugs Became English Gentry

Helen Kay

The Histories

Herodotus Herodotus

Reading at War 1939–45

David Bilton

The Irish Diaspora

John Gibney

The Hostage Rescuer - The Return of a Child into a Mother's Arms

Martin Phillips, Darren Franklin

A Hidden History of the Tower of London - England's Most Notorious Prisoners

John Paul Davis

1970s Childhood

Liza Hollinghurst

Making Bourbon - A Geographical History of Distilling in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky

Karl Raitz

Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks - Writing Ottoman Jewish History Denying the Armenian Genocide

Marc David Baer

América - The Epic Story of Spanish North America 1493-1898

Robert Goodwin

The Killing Fields of Provence - Occupation Resistance and Liberation in the South of France

James Bourhill