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Enemies and Neighbors - Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel 1917-2017

Ian Black

Byzantine Naval Forces 1261–1461 - The Roman Empire's Last Marines

Raffaele D’Amato

Arab world: Roots and insights of the crisis

Samir Amin

Losing an Enemy - Obama Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy

Trita Parsi

Lebanon - Levantine Calvary 1958–1990

Al J. Venter

"Not by Might Nor by Power" - The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism

Moshe Menuhin

The Crimean War - Then and Now

David R Jones

The Six Day War - The Breaking of the Middle East

Guy Laron

Arab Spring Then and Now - From Hope to Despair

Patrick Cockburn, Robert W Fisk, Kim Sengupta, Independent The

Desert Kingdoms to Global Powers - The Rise of the Arab Gulf

Rory Miller

Betrayal of an Army - Mesopotamia 1914–1916

N. S. Nash

Palestine - The Ottoman Campaigns of 1914–1918

Edward J. Erickson

The Imam the Pasha and the Englishman - The Ordeal of ‘Abd Allah ibn Sa‘ud Cairo 1818

Michael Crawford

Methods to Overcome the Financial and Money Transfer Blockade against Palestine and any Country Suffering from Financial Blockade

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

The Afghanistan File

Prince Turki AlFaisal Al Saud

The Anabasis of Alexander

Arrian Of Nicomedia

A Pilgrimage to Nejd: The Court of Arab Emir & Persian Campaign

Lady Anne Blunt

Jerusalem Explored (Illustrated Edition)

Ermete Pierotti

History of the Jews (Vol 1-6) - From the Earliest Period to the Modern Times and Emancipation in Central Europe

Heinrich Graetz

Gobekli Tepe Alien Contact

Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

Jerusalem Explored (Vol 1&2) - Illustrated Edition

Ermete Pierotti

The story of the last days of Jerusalem - Illustrated

Alfred J. Church

A Pilgrimage to Nejd - A Visit to the Court of the Arab Emir and "our Persian Campaign" (Vol 1&2)

Lady Anne Blunt

Anabasis: The March of the Ten Thousand - The Persian Expedition of Cyrus


Cyropaedia - The Life and Wisdom of Cyrus the Great


From Jerusalem to a Kingdom by the Sea

Adel A. Dajani

The History of Antiquity (Vol 1-6) - Egypt Assyria Phoenicia Israel Babylon Lydia Arians Buddhists and Brahmans The Medes and Persians…

Max Duncker

Emirates Diaries - From Sheikhs to Shakespeare

Peter Clark

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason, knowledge house

The Epic of Kings - Shahnameh