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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Mukunda Stiles

History of the Constitution: The Aftermath of American Revolution

Charles Howard McIlwain

Patrician and Plebeian - Patrician and Plebeian

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

History of the Colonial Virginia (3 Volumes Edition) - Patrician and Plebeian Virginia under the Stuarts & The Planters of Colonial Virginia

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

The American Indian as Slaveholder and Secessionist - The Slaveholding Indians Series

Annie Heloise Abel

The Slaveholding Indians (Vol1-3) - Native Americans as Slaveholder as Participants in the Civil War & Under Reconstruction

Annie Heloise Abel

The Founding of New England

James Truslow Adams

Wait I'm Working With Who?!? - The Essential Guide to Dealing with Difficult Coworkers Annoying Managers and Other Toxic Personalities

Peter Economy

The Planters of Colonial Virginia - History of the Colonial Virginia Series

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

History of the Jewish People in America (Vol1-7) - From the Period of the Discovery of the New World to the 20th Century

Peter Wiernik

How to Keep an Open Mind - An Ancient Guide to Thinking Like a Skeptic

Sextus Empiricus

How to Tell a Joke - An Ancient Guide to the Art of Humor

Marcus Tullius Cicero

We Are Not Born Submissive - How Patriarchy Shapes Women's Lives

Manon Garcia

Zero Point Ukraine - Four Essays on World War II

Olena Stiazhkina

The Age of Skin

Dubravka Ugresic

The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing - A handbook for personal change in later life

Guy Robertson

The Long Dark Road - an addictive and page-turning thriller

P.R. Black

The Book of Beautiful Questions - The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide Create Connect and Lead

Warren Berger

Face of Evil

George Morris De'Ath

The Hidden History of American Oligarchy - Reclaiming Our Democracy from the Ruling Class

Thom Hartmann

No Good Deed

Ewan Lawrie

An Archetypal Approach to Death Dreams and Ghosts

Aniela Jaffé

The Deep State - A History of Secret Agendas and Shadow Governments

Ian Fitzgerald

Stick a Flag in It - 1000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond

Arran Lomas

Fields of Gold - Financing the Global Land Rush

Madeleine Fairbairn

Heroes - The Greek Myths Reimagined

Stephen Fry

The Best American Magazine Writing 2019

Sid Holt

573 puzzles from Japan's everyday life - Curiosities between insanity and wisdom

Rita Menge

Social Media and the Public Interest - Media Regulation in the Disinformation Age

Philip M. Napoli

Collected Essays - Slouching Towards Bethlehem The White Album and After Henry

Joan Didion