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Jews and the American Soul - Human Nature in the Twentieth Century

Andrew R. Heinze

Fears of a Setting Sun - The Disillusionment of America's Founders

Dennis C. Rasmussen

Fugitive Freedom - The Improbable Lives of Two Impostors in Late Colonial Mexico

William B. Taylor

Operation Dragon - Inside the Kremlin's Secret War on America

Ion Mihai Pacepa, R. James Woolsey

Not for God and Country

William Murhpy

World War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics 1943–45

Brian Lane Herder

The Good Old Days - A Reflection Upon What We Individually and Collectively Choose NOT to Recall

Rick Spleen

The Hidden History of American Oligarchy - Reclaiming Our Democracy from the Ruling Class

Thom Hartmann

Agrotropolis - Youth Street and Nation in the New Urban Guatemala

J.T. Way

Savage and civilized - Darwin Fitz Roy and the Fuegians

Héctor Palma

White Freedom - The Racial History of an Idea

Tyler Stovall

The Toronto Book of Love

Adam Bunch

Incremental Realism - Postwar American Fiction Happiness and Welfare-State Liberalism

Mary Esteve

Rednecks Redeemers and Race - Mississippi after Reconstruction 1877-1917

Stephen Cresswell

Breaking the Blockade - The Bahamas during the Civil War

Charles D. Ross

The Machine Has a Soul - American Sympathy with Italian Fascism

Katy Hull

Homeschooling the Right - How Conservative Education Activism Erodes the State

Heath Brown

Revolution in Development - Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy

Christy Thornton

Never-Ending War on Terror

Alex Lubin

Principles in Power - Latin America and the Politics of US Human Rights Diplomacy

Vanessa Walker

Chicago's Industrial Decline - The Failure of Redevelopment 1920–1975

Robert Lewis

The Greek Fire - American-Ottoman Relations and Democratic Fervor in the Age of Revolutions

Maureen Connors Santelli

Raiders from New France - North American Forest Warfare Tactics 17th–18th Centuries

René Chartrand

Rediasporization - African-Guyanese Kweh-Kweh

Gillian Richards-Greaves

High Tension - FDR's Battle to Power America

John A. Riggs

Ideal Minds - Raising Consciousness in the Antisocial Seventies

Michael Trask

When Movements Matter - The Townsend Plan and the Rise of Social Security

Edwin Amenta

This Land Is Their Land - The Wampanoag Indians Plymouth Colony and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving

David J. Silverman

Charlie Company Journeys Home - The Forgotten Impact on the Wives of Vietnam Veterans

Andrew Wiest

The Paraguayan War 1864–70 - The Triple Alliance at stake in La Plata

Gabriele Esposito