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History of the Constitution: The Aftermath of American Revolution

Charles Howard McIlwain

The Slaveholding Indians (Vol1-3) - Native Americans as Slaveholder as Participants in the Civil War & Under Reconstruction

Annie Heloise Abel

The Planters of Colonial Virginia - History of the Colonial Virginia Series

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

Virginia under the Stuarts: 1607-1688 - History of the Colonial Virginia Series

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War - The Slaveholding Indians Series

Annie Heloise Abel

Zero Point Ukraine - Four Essays on World War II

Olena Stiazhkina

Shell-Shocked - Feminist Criticism after Trump

Bonnie Honig

Canada A Working History

Jason Russell

Constantinople AD 717–18 - The Crucible of History

Si Sheppard

French Soldier vs German Soldier - Verdun 1916

David Campbell

Japanese Armies 1868–1877 - The Boshin War and Satsuma Rebellion

Gabriele Esposito

Operation Eagle Claw 1980 - The disastrous bid to end the Iran hostage crisis

Justin Williamson

Ukrainian Dissidents: An Anthology of Texts

Oleksii Sinchenko, Dmytro Stus, Leonid Finberg

The 1776 Report

Matthew Spalding, Carol Swain, Larry P. Arnn

Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific

Howard Chiang

In My Time of Dying - A History of Death and the Dead in West Africa

John Parker

How to Make a Wetland - Water and Moral Ecology in Turkey

Caterina Scaramelli

Colonial Mississippi - A Borrowed Land

Charles Weeks, Christian Pinnen

Reinventing Licentiousness - Pornography and Modern China

Y. Yvon Wang

Resisting Independence - Popular Loyalism in the Revolutionary British Atlantic

Brad A. Jones

The Dragoman Renaissance - Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism

E. Natalie Rothman

Drunk on Genocide - Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany

Edward B. Westermann

Mobilizing in Uncertainty - Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia

Anastasia Shesterinina

Peculiar Whiteness - Racial Anxiety and Poor Whites in Southern Literature 1900-1965

Justin Mellette

The Dead Pledge - The Origins of the Mortgage Market and Federal Bailouts 1913–1939

Judge Earl Glock

Jews and the American Soul - Human Nature in the Twentieth Century

Andrew R. Heinze

Policing Iraq - Legitimacy Democracy and Empire in a Developing State

Jesse Wozniak

Maiko Masquerade - Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan

Jan Bardsley

Gandhi's Hinduism the Struggle against Jinnah's Islam

M J Akbar

Masters of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty