"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney
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The Good Old Days - A Reflection Upon What We Individually and Collectively Choose NOT to Recall

Rick Spleen

Syrian Requiem - The Civil War and Its Aftermath

Itamar Rabinovich, Carmit Valensi

War and Genocide in South Sudan

Clémence Pinaud

Why Noncompliance - The Politics of Law in the European Union

Tanja A. Börzel

Happily Ever Older - Revolutionary Approaches to Long-Term Care

Moira Welsh

Psyche and Symbol - A Selection from the Writings of CG Jung

C. G. Jung

Resisting History - Historicism and Its Discontents in German-Jewish Thought

David N. Myers

A Jewish Renaissance in Fifteenth-Century Spain

Mark D. Meyerson

Border and Rule - Global Migration Capitalism and the Rise of Racist Nationalism

Harsha Walia

The Good Girls - An Ordinary Killing

Sonia Faleiro

Histories of Racial Capitalism

Justin Leroy, Destin Jenkins

The wisdom of the Freemasonry

Albert Mackey

Financial Feminism - A Woman's Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future

Jessica Robinson

How to Feel - The Science and Meaning of Touch

Sushma Subramanian

Amateurs without Borders - The Aspirations and Limits of Global Compassion

Allison Schnable

Memory Improvement For Kids - The Greatest Collection Of Proven Techniques For Expanding Your Child's Mind And Boosting Their Brain Power

Lisa Marshall

Immigrant California - Understanding the Past Present and Future of US Policy

John D. Skrentny, David Scott FitzGerald

Slow Anti-Americanism - Social Movements and Symbolic Politics in Central Asia

Edward Schatz

Genetic Crossroads - The Middle East and the Science of Human Heredity

Elise K. Burton

High Rise Stories - Voices from Chicago Public Housing

Audrey Petty

White-Collar and Financial Crimes - A Casebook of Fraudsters Scam Artists and Corporate Thieves

Jennifer C. Noble

Audacious Missions of World War II - Daring Acts of Bravery Revealed Through Letters and Documents from the Time

Archives The National

We'll be in Touch! What Recruiters Really Think - Recruiting knowledge understand the criteria in the applicant selection process convince with your portfolio & job references

Simone Janson

Bye-Bye Sabotage! Overcome Bullying Depression & Fears - Anti-stress strategies for resilience & emotional intelligence learn to love your inner child see crises as an opportunity

Simone Janson

The Spatha - The Roman Long Sword

M.C. Bishop

Schweinfurt–Regensburg 1943 - Eighth Air Force’s costly early daylight battles

Marshall Michel III

Mother Father Child Success! Say No to the Compatibility Trap - Plan a dual career with family earn more money learn time management resilience & anti-stress strategy for parents

Simone Janson

Be Your Own Hero & Win - Learn communication skills & the power of rhetoric boost self-confidence train psychology of resilience overcome stress sabotage & fears reach all goals

Simone Janson

Be Yourself! Convince & Win People Authentically - Be self-confident with charisma strengthen your emotional intelligence & resilience thanks to communication psychology & rhetoric

Simone Janson

British Battleship vs Italian Battleship - The Mediterranean 1940–41

Mark Stille