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A Ticket to Syria - A Story About the ISIS in Maldives

Shirish Thorat

Missing and Presumed Dead

Michael Fleeman

Pirates & Smugglers of the Treasure Coast

Patrick S. Mesmer, Patricia A. Mesmer

The Bowery - A History of Grit Graft and Grandeur

Eric Ferrara

Wrong Numbers - Call Girls Hackers and the Mob in Las Vegas

Dennis N. Griffin, Glen Meek

Murderers' Row Volume Two - Bogeyman Murder in the Family Targeted

Burl Barer, Steve Jackson, M. William Phelps

The Forest City Killer - A Serial Murderer a Cold-Case Sleuth and a Search for Justice

Vanessa Brown

Underworld - How to Survive and Thrive in the American Mafia

Roman Martín

Tantamount - The Pursuit of the Freeway Phantom Serial Killer

Blaine L. Pardoe, Victoria R. Hester

Interpreting the Ripper Letters - Missed Clues and Reflections on Victorian Society

M. J. Trow

Fitted Up - A True Story of Police Betrayal Conspiracy and Cover Up

Russell Findlay

The Mayfair Mafia - The Lives and Crimes of the Messina Brothers

Dick Kirby

Dead Reckoning

Caitlin Rother

Who Was Jack the Ripper? - All the Suspects Revealed

Club Members of H Division Crime

Hanging the Peachtree Bandit - The True Tale of Atlanta's Infamous Frank DuPre

Tom Hughes

Touhy vs Capone - The Chicago Outfits Biggest Frame Job

Don Herion

Britain's Unsolved Murders

Kevin Turton

The Secret Serial Killer - The True Story of Kieran Kelly

Robert Mulhern

The Life of a Smuggler

Helen Hollick

Delmarva's Patty Cannon - The Devil on the Nanticoke

Michaela Morgan

Ted Bundy's Murderous Mysteries - The Many Victims of America's Most Infamous Serial Killer

Kevin Sullivan

Trickster - an addictive and gripping crime series

Sam Michaels

Dead in the Water - My Forty-Year Search for My Brother's Killer

Penny Farmer

The Last Stone

Mark Bowden

Railroaded - Framed for Murder Fighting for Justice

Samuel L. Sommer, Christopher Jossart

Charleston's Trial - Jim Crow Justice

Daniel J. Crooks Jr., Douglas W. Bostick

Missouri's Murderous Matrons - Emma Heppermann and Bertha Gifford

Lorelei Shannon, Victoria Cosner

Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's North Side

Troy Taylor

Crime on the Canals

Anthony Poulton-Smith

Murder & Mayhem on Chicago's West Side

Troy Taylor