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No Place Like Murder - True Crime in the Midwest

Janis Thornton

Alvin Karpis and the Barker Gang in Minnesota

Deborah Frethem, Cynthia Schreiner Smith

Killing Women

Rod Sadler

The Hacker Crackdown - Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier

Bruce Sterling

Long Island's Vanished Heiress - The Unsolved Alice Parsons Kidnapping

Steven C. Drielak

No Angels - The Short Life And Brutal Death Of Brandaline Rose Duvall

Steve Jackson

The Case of the Vanishing Blonde - And Other True Crime Stories

Mark Bowden

Under a Full Moon - The Last Lynching in Kansas

Alice Kay Hill

School of the Moon - The Highland Cattle-Raiding Tradition

Stuart McHardy


Stephen Twigge

Vixen - a gripping crime thriller

Sam Michaels

Women Crime Writers Volume Two - You Have a Very Soft Voice Susan; Daddy's Little Secret; My Son The Killer

Denise Wallace, Susan Fensten, Anna Yourkin

The History of Gibbeting - Britain's Most Brutal Punishment

Samantha Priestley

The Hostage Rescuer - The Return of a Child into a Mother's Arms

Martin Phillips, Darren Franklin

A Hidden History of the Tower of London - England's Most Notorious Prisoners

John Paul Davis

Murder on the Ohio Belle

Stuart W. Sanders

Assassins - The KGB's Poison Factory 10 Years On

Boris Volodarsky

A Date with the Hangman - A History of Capital Punishment in Britain

Gary Dobbs

Seattle's Forgotten Serial Killer - Gary Gene Grant

Cloyd Steiger

The Garden State Parkway Murders - A Cold Case Mystery

Christian Barth

The Peasants' Revolting Crimes

Terry Deary

Women Crime Writers Volume One - The Crate His Garden Inconvenience Gone

Diane Marger Moore, Deborah Vadas Levison, Anne K. Howard

The Best New True Crime Stories - Serial Killers

Mitzi Szereto

Toxic Love - The Shocking True Story of the First Murder by Cancer

Tomás Guillén

Missing and Presumed Dead

Michael Fleeman

Pirates & Smugglers of the Treasure Coast

Patrick S. Mesmer, Patricia A. Mesmer

The Bowery - A History of Grit Graft and Grandeur

Eric Ferrara

Wrong Numbers - Call Girls Hackers and the Mob in Las Vegas

Dennis N. Griffin, Glen Meek

Murderers' Row Volume Two - Bogeyman Murder in the Family Targeted

Burl Barer, Steve Jackson, M. William Phelps

The Forest City Killer - A Serial Murderer a Cold-Case Sleuth and a Search for Justice

Vanessa Brown