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Smoke No Evil

Bill Drake


Mark Torres

Who Was Jack the Ripper? - All the Suspects Revealed

Club Members of H Division Crime

Deadly Force - How a Badge Became a License to Kill

Lawrence O'Donnell

Dead Wrong - The Continuing Story of City of Lies Corruption and Cover-Up in the Notorious BIG Murder Investigation

Randall Sullivan

Ted Bundy - America’s Most Evil Serial Killer

Al Cimino

Indecent Advances - A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall

James Polchin

Britain’s Unsolved Murders

Kevin Turton

Britain's Forgotten Serial Killer - The Terror of the Axeman

John Lucas

The Life of a Smuggler

Helen Hollick

Ted Bundy's Murderous Mysteries - The Many Victims of America's Most Infamous Serial Killer

Kevin Sullivan

True Crime Stories - A Prequel: 4 Shocking True Crime Cases

Jack Rosewood

Hijacked - The True Story Of The Heroes Of Flight 705

Dave Hirschman

The Last Stone

Mark Bowden

The Last Stone

Mark Bowden

Dead in the Water - My Forty-Year Search for My Brother's Killer

Penny Farmer

Assassins - Cold-blooded and Pre-meditated Killings that Shook the World

Charlotte Greig

The World's Worst Prisons - Inside Stories from the most Dangerous Jails on Earth

Karen Farrington

Railroaded - Framed for Murder Fighting for Justice

Samuel L. Sommer, Christopher Jossart

The Court of Better Fiction - Three Trials Two Executions and Arctic Sovereignty

Debra Komar

Crime on the Canals

Anthony Poulton-Smith

Trace Evidence

Bruce Henderson

First Degree - From Med School to Murder: The Story Behind the Shocking Will Sandeson Trial

Kayla Hounsell

He Slew the Dreamer - My Search for the Truth about James Earl Ray and the Murder of Martin Luther King

William Bradford Huie

Criminal Children - Researching Juvenile Offenders 1820–1920

Emma Watkins, Barry Godfrey

Inconvenience Gone - The Short Tragic Life of Brandon Sims

Diane Marger Moore

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Dan E Moldea - Interference The Hoffa Wars and Dark Victory

Dan E. Moldea

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Dan E Moldea - Interference The Hoffa Wars and Dark Victory

Dan E. Moldea

When the Hangman Came to Galway - A Gruesome True Story of Murder in Victorian Ireland

Dean Ruxton

Lady Killers - Deadly Women Throughout History

Tori Telfer