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The Canadians - A Collection of Three Epic Novels

Clare Flynn

The Pastor and the Private Eye

T.H. Pine

Night of the Chupacabra

T.H. Pine

H P Lovecraft The Complete Fiction

H. P. Lovecraft

Others - Writers on the power of words to help us see beyond ourselves

Charles Fernyhough

Boys Will Be Boys

Clementine Ford

What to Read and Why

Francine Prose

Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn


Mark Torres

Think in Public - A Public Books Reader

Sharon Marcus, Caitlin Zaloom

Antidemocracy in America - Truth Power and the Republic at Risk

Eric Klinenberg, Sharon Marcus, Caitlin Zaloom

The Ballad Of Anini The Terror And Other Narrative Poems

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

The Colour Of Death

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

Dead Wrong - The Continuing Story of City of Lies Corruption and Cover-Up in the Notorious BIG Murder Investigation

Randall Sullivan

Tales of Japan - Traditional Stories of Monsters and Magic

Books Chronicle

Worlds of Journalism - Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe

Folker Hanusch, Thomas Hanitzsch, Jyotika Ramaprasad, Arnold de Beer

Bird Therapy

Joe Harkness

Ted Bundy - America’s Most Evil Serial Killer

Al Cimino

How to Read a Japanese Poem

Steven D. Carter

Nikolai Nikolaevich and Camouflage - Two Novels

Yuz Aleshkovsky

Richardson-Sinkler Connections - Planting Politics Horses and Family Life 1769-1853

Harriett Clare Sinkler Little

Indecent Advances - A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall

James Polchin

Made in LA: Chasing the Elusive Dream - A Collection of Twelve Fictions

Allison Rose, Cody Sisco, Gabi Lorino

In Dogs We Trust - An Anthology of American Dog Literature

III Rivers, Jeffrey Makala

Great Lakes Rendezvous - A Road Trip Through the National Parks of the Midwest

Michael Young

Truthteller - An Investigative Reporter’s Journey Through the World of Truth Prevention Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

Stephen Davies

Common People - An Anthology of Working-Class Writers

Kit de Waal

Times Square Red Times Square Blue 20th Anniversary Edition

Samuel R. Delany

Lust in the Dust - An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Erotica

Sommer Marsden, S. Nano, Elizabeth Coldwell, Cara Thereon, Raven Sky, Susan H. Jones, Gregory L. Norris, Nicole Wolfe, Quiet Ranger, Janine Ashbless

Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand - Fifty Wonders That Reveal an Extraordinary Universe

Marcus Chown