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Cowfolk's Guide to Getting Older

Roy English

A Cowgirl's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender, Gladiola Montana

A Cowboy’s Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

You've Guac to Be Joking - I Love Avocados!

Cat Faulkner

A Rancher's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

199 Terribly Good Dad Jokes Witty Funny and Damn Right Awful!

Mike Gaffy

Howard & Debbie

Max Mobley

Oh! - A Novel

Mary Robison

The Pilates Class

Stevie Turner

The Iron Bird

Robert Woodshaw

The Minorities

Suffian Hakim

The Riot Act

Sebastian Sim

The Goddaughter Does Vegas

Melodie Campbell

Big Money! - Top Secret Guide to the Stock Market Circus

Thejendra Sreenivas

Digital Wildfires - How to Become a Social Justice Warrior

Thejendra Sreenivas

Tales of Britain

Jem Roberts

Badass Baby Names - Inspired by the Most Awesome Fearless and Cool Men and Women in History

Marvella Nomine

Lake City - A Novel

Thomas Kohnstamm


SJ Smith

Quick Bites for Spare Moments - Management tips in a lighter vein

R.K. Murthi

Academic Jokes - Laughter is the best medicine

S.M. Mathur

Over 700 Witty & Humorous definitions - Ways to live happily

R.K. Murthi

Rib-Tickling Jokes - Laugh your way to long life

R.K. Murthi

Medical Jokes & Humour - Fertile jokes to keep you in good humour

Clifford Sawhney

Bait Grist and Security

Mike Hodges


John J. Jessop

The Eye of the Needle

Mokete Albert Mote-Ndasah

The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone - A Novel

AK Blackman

Lily Barlow - The Mystery of Jane Dough

Carla Vergot

An Unexpected Parody - The Unauthorized Spoof of The Hobbit

Valerie Estelle Frankel