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Humour collections & anthologies

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History of English Humor (Vol 1&2) - Complete Edition

A. G. K. L'Estrange

A Ramble in the Woods on Sunday

James Kirke Paulding

Travels From The Turn Of The Century - Journey To Italy

Mario Garrido Espinosa

Of All Things

Robert C. Benchley

Chips Off the Old Benchley

Robert Benchley

Laugh With Leacock: An Anthology of the Best Works of Stephen Leacock

Stephen Leacock

The Happy Hypocrite - A Fairy Tale for Tired Men

Max Beerbohm

And Even Now

Max Beerbohm

The Works of Max Beerbohm

Max Beerbohm

Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic

Henri Bergson

An Essay on Comedy and the Uses of the Comic Spirit

George Meredith

In Defence of Harriet Shelley

Mark Twain

Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses

Mark Twain

The Curious Republic of Gondour and Other Whimsical Sketches

Mark Twain

The Travels At The Turn Of The Century

Mario Garrido Espinosa

Sometimes in Business Class

Jay Maclean

The Complete Satires & Essays of Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain: On Masturbation - Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism

Mark Twain

JEROME K JEROME: Three Men in a Boat Three Men on the Bummel & Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

Jerome K. Jerome

Sanaben – A Therapeutic Product For Living Well

Lorenzo Bonanni