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Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction

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200 Clean Jokes for Kids: Jokes for Kids and Adults

James Houck

How To Ruin Your Garden And Other Ways To Suck At It

Donald R Williams

The Flip Side of History

Steve Silverman

Bang Splat!

Christina Engela

The Secret Ingredient Of - The Secret Ingredient

Vanessa Smith

Nothing Is Wrong and Here Is Why: Essays

Alexandra Petri

Sex and the City Plotholes

Nicole Taylor

The Upside Episode 1

Gloria Matthews

Journal of a Sneaky Twerp

Jest Ninney

Are You a Superhero? 5 Quizzes Including: Are You a Superhero (Part Two) Is Your House Haunted? Are You Going Crazy? Have You Been Abducted by Aliens? - Questionable Quizzes #2

A. E. Chandler

Should You Be Allowed to Pilot a Motor Vehicle? 5 Quizzes Including: What Is Your Ideal Hobby? Are You Too Competitive? Do You Have a Sense of Humour? What Is Your Spirit Animal? - Questionable Quizzes #1

A. E. Chandler

Gender Neutral Baby Names

Flowerchild Hipsterton

The Brass Bottle

F. Anstey, Thomas Anstey Guthrie, Bauer Books

Guy Code - A Reprint

Sebastian Schug

Stir Briskly With Laughter

Norman Sindlinger

Zombies Eat Last

Tim Heaton

Hemingway Lives: the Super-Secret Never-Before-Published Blogs of Ernest Hemingway

Scott Stavrou

Jeez Dad! 101 Dad Jokes So Cringe You Won’t Make it Past The First Page! - Dad Jokes!

Matthew Fraser

Cats Turning Their Furry Backs on You Learn What These Manipulative Kitties Really Think of You! Hilarious Cat Jokes With Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations

Ronnie Fairdinkum

101 Hilarious Dumb Blonde Jokes Laugh Out Loud With These Funny and Silly Jokes For Adults So Bad Even Blondes Will Crack Up!

Johnny Riddle

Yandex: The Source of the Sauce

Sebastian Schug

Fuck Now There Are Two of You (Go the Fuck to Sleep #3)

Adam Mansbach

A Celebration of David Attenborough: The Activity Book

Nathan Joyce

Stonehenge: Sacred Site or Shared Service Centre?

Office Celebrity

Alternative Theatre Presents: Two Mute Swans

Bernard Morris

Jungle City

El Miro

Short Shorts - 1-3 #1

Toby Krats

Dear Nobbie Scratcher

Nobbie Scratcher

Don T's Inferno: A Not-so-Divine Comedy

Solange Xanadu

Plants Are Such Sluts - Promethean Ironic Pamphlet Series (PIPS) #35

Heather D. Jewelbury