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Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction

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Cats Turning Their Furry Backs on You Learn What These Manipulative Kitties Really Think of You! Hilarious Cat Jokes With Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations

Ronnie Fairdinkum

101 Hilarious Dumb Blonde Jokes Laugh Out Loud With These Funny and Silly Jokes For Adults So Bad Even Blondes Will Crack Up!

Johnny Riddle

Yandex: The Source of the Sauce

Sebastian Schug

Fuck Now There Are Two of You (Go the Fuck to Sleep #3)

Adam Mansbach

Stonehenge: Sacred Site or Shared Service Centre?

Office Celebrity

Amusing Musings

J.J. Harlan

Alternative Theatre Presents: Two Mute Swans

Bernard Morris

Jungle City

El Miro

Short Shorts - 1-3 #1

Toby Krats

Dear Nobbie Scratcher

Nobbie Scratcher

Don T's Inferno: A Not-so-Divine Comedy

Solange Xanadu

Plants Are Such Sluts - Promethean Ironic Pamphlet Series (PIPS) #35

Heather D. Jewelbury

The Forbidden Affairs of the Buckingham Palace

N. S. Elizabeth

Dad Jokes: Jokes So Bad They Are Funny

George Smith

The Powers That Be

Paul Fraley

Apocalypse Chow - A Remix of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

David Julian Wightman

Musk and Honey

Yasha Casts

Rage-In: - Trolls and Tribulations of Modern Life

Tara Flynn, HeadStuff

Knock on Wood: A Short Story

Chandra Clarke

Om the Poses You'll Do!

Lyn Gerfin

The Eat Less Diet

Maria Antonia

The English Major Mafia

Ken Harmon

The Business and Finance of Dragons: A Business Parody - Promethean Ironic Pamphlet Series (PIPS)

Ego Quark

Don't Read This Book

Michael Luketich

Little Black Kitten: And Other Short Stories

Hugo Dash

Are you there Dagon? It's me Asenath

C. M. Glass

Desperately Seeking Self-Improvement - A Year Inside the Optimization Movement

André Spicer, Carl Cederström

Bad Sport

SF Lyons

Snowden White and the Seven Short Mexicans - Starring the Evil Queen Trumpalot

David Hornidge

Riding a bear - Czar's Challenge

George Radu Rospinus