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Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction

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Alternative Theatre Presents: Two Mute Swans

Bernard Morris

Tall Tales

Don Roble

Jungle City


Short Shorts - 1-3 #1

Toby Krats

Dear Nobbie Scratcher

Nobbie Scratcher

Don T's Inferno: A Not-so-Divine Comedy

Solange Xanadu

Plants Are Such Sluts - Promethean Ironic Pamphlet Series (PIPS) #35

Heather D. Jewelbury

The Forbidden Affairs of the Buckingham Palace

N. S. Elizabeth

Dad Jokes: Jokes So Bad They Are Funny

George Smith

Apocalypse Chow - A Remix of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

David Julian Wightman

Fifty Ways to Slay

Jerry Belitch

Rage-In: - Trolls and Tribulations of Modern Life

Tara Flynn, HeadStuff

Knock on Wood: A Short Story

Chandra Clarke

Om the Poses You'll Do!

Lyn Gerfin

The Eat Less Diet

Maria Antonia

The English Major Mafia

Ken Harmon

The Business and Finance of Dragons: A Business Parody - Promethean Ironic Pamphlet Series (PIPS)

Ego Quark

Don't Read This Book

Michael Luketich

Little Black Kitten: And Other Short Stories

Hugo Dash

Are you there Dagon? It's me Asenath

C. M. Glass

Desperately Seeking Self-Improvement - A Year Inside the Optimization Movement

André Spicer, Carl Cederström

Bad Sport

SF Lyons

Snowden White and the Seven Short Mexicans - Starring the Evil Queen Trumpalot

David Hornidge

Riding a bear - Czar's Challenge

George Radu Rospinus

Genesis 1-3: Snake Party - The New Old Testament #1

Jack Geurts

Genesis 26: Whole Lotta Lot - The New Old Testament #11

Jack Geurts

Genesis 27: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Skinless - The New Old Testament #12

Jack Geurts

Genesis 20-21: Fat Abe The Philistine - The New Old Testament #8

Jack Geurts

Genesis 22-23: Kill The Kid! - The New Old Testament #9

Jack Geurts

The Letters We Couldn't Print Vol 1-5

Bernard Morris