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Satirical fiction & parodies

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A Drama in Muslin

George Moore

The Red Room

August Strindberg

Nightmare Abbey

Thomas Love Peacock

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Mark Twain

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Edwin A. Abbot

Man and Wife

Wilkie Collins

Rise & Fall of President Frump - Three Political Satires

R. L. Saunders

Larcenists and Lambs

Markéta Šichtařová, Vladimír Pikora

Sounding The Waters

James Glickman

The Travels of Ibn Fudayl

Goerge R. Sole

April Fool - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Magnus Mills

Slipsliding by the Bay

Barbara McDonald

The Trouble with Asian Men

Sudha Bhuchar, Kristine Landon-Smith, Louise Wallinger

Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray

Call Me Ishtar - A Novel

Rhoda Lerman

The Greenfather - A Novel

John Marshall

Dead Writers in Rehab

Paul Bassett Davies

Oink - A Food For Thought Mystery

J.L. Newton

The Principles Behind Flotation - A Novel

Alexandra Teague

A Zero-Sum Game

Eduardo Rabasa

Principals The - A satire on university life

Bill James

Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays

Mike MacDonald, Jilly Gagnon

Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays - The Holidays

Mike MacDonald

The Complete Works Of Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce

A California Closing - A Novel

Robert Wintner

The Serendipity Foundation

Sam Smit

Vanity Fair (Diversion Classics)

William Makepeace Thackeray

Bertie and the Hairdresser Who Ruled the World

Mike A Vickers

Travels in Nihilon - A Novel

Alan Sillitoe