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The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up - Tips Tricks and Perks No One Thought to Tell You

Bridget Watson Payne

Women - A Novel

Charles Bukowski

Experience Mexican Jail! - Based on the Actual Cell-phone Diaries of a Dude Who Spent Three Years in Jail in Cancun!

Prisonero Anónimo

My Name is Markham - A Chronicles of St Mary's short story

Jodi Taylor

You Need More Sleep - Advice from Cats

Francesco Marciuliano

Bard of the Deal - The Poetry of Donald Trump

Hart Seely

That's Maths - The Mathematical Magic in Everyday Life

Peter Lynch

Welcome to the Club - 100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming

Raquel D'Apice

How to Be a Cat

Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

The Great St Mary's Day Out - A Chronicles of St Mary's Short Story

Jodi Taylor

The Rothman Scandal

Stephen Birmingham

I Could Pee on This Too - And More Poems by More Cats

Francesco Marciuliano

Y’all: The Definitive Guide to Being a Texan

Jay B Sauceda

The Grumpy Guide to Life - Observations from Grumpy Cat

Cat Grumpy

Relationship Jokes

Jeo King

School Jokes

Jeo King

Word Play Jokes

Jeo King

Sex Jokes

Joe King

Boycott These Jokes

Jeo King


Serhiy Zhadan

Martha Eric and George - A Novel

Margery Sharp

Bedtime Stories for Dogs

Leigh Anne Jasheway

joke bank - Popular Jokes

Sea Rider

Shark Skin Suite - A Novel

Tim Dorsey

The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O'Keeffe

J. Michael Orenduff

World's Greatest Collection of Church Jokes - Nearly 500 Hilarious Good-Natured Jokes and Stories

Paul M Miller

1047 Reasons to Smile - Little Things that Bring Joy Happiness and Excitement

Elizabeth Dutton

Bream Gives Me Hiccups

Jesse Eisenberg

Isn't That Rich? - Life Among the 1 Percent

Richard Kirshenbaum

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

Dan Anderson, Maggie Berman