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Henry IV Part One

William Shakespeare

Richard III

William Shakespeare


Anonymous Anonymous

The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare

The Aeneid



William Shakespeare

I Know What the Small Girl Knew

Anya Achtenberg

The Stone of Language

Anya Achtenberg


Poets Hills


Niall Campbell

Whip-hot & Grippy

Heather Phillipson

The Girl Aquarium

Jen Campbell


Ovid Ovid

Twin Flames - I have loved You in all my lives

Rita P. White

After Callimachus - Poems

Stephanie Burt

Riven - Poems

Catherine Owen

Blood Moon

Patricia Kirkpatrick

The Rock - Poems

Wallace Stevens

Paradise Lost

John Milton

Miscreations - Poems

Grant Loveys


George Bernard Shaw

New Indonesian Plays

Agnes Christina, Faiza Mardzoeki, Trisa Triandisa, Riyadhus Shalihin, Shinta Febriany, Hanna Fransisca, Ibed Surgana Yuga

Nouns & Verbs - New and Selected Poems

Campbell McGrath

Herod's Dispensations

Harry Clifton

The Country Between Us

Carolyn Forché

Is Is Not

Tess Gallagher

A Way Less Travelled

Adrian Rogers

Nature's Cache

Jayne Linke

Letter To My Imagination - 212 Short Meditations To Help You Overcome Rejection Discouragement and Fear of FailureAnd Start Being More Creative

Nicolas Cole

To Make Room for the Sea

Adam Clay