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Shakespeare and the Rose of Love

John Vyvyan

Transcendental Journeys - A Visionary Quest for Freedom - A Visionary Quest for Freedom


Loving Large - A Mother's Rare Disease Memoir

Patti M. Hall

Backstage Pass

Paul Stanley

Ray By Ray - A Daughter's Take on the Legend of Nicholas Ray

Nicca Ray

Norma Jean - The Life of Marilyn Monroe

Fred Lawrence Guiles

Jane Fonda - The Actress in Her Time

Fred Lawrence Guiles

A Final Valiant Act - The Story of Doug Dickey Medal of Honor

John B. Lang

German Jew Muslim Gay - The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus

Marc David Baer

Signatures - Literary Encounters of a Lifetime

David Pryce-Jones

The Easternmost House

Juliet Blaxland

Once a Girl Always a Boy - A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey

Jo Ivester

This Is God's Table - Finding Church Beyond the Walls

Anna Woofenden

That Further Shore - A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise

John D. Feerick

Ted Templeman - A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music

Templeman Ted

What We Inherit - A Secret War and a Family's Search for Answers

Jessica Pearce Rotondi

I'm Still Here - A Memoir

Martina Reaves

The Point is to Change the World - Selected Writings of Andaiye


Conversations with John Banville

Earl G. Ingersoll, John Cusatis

Cuban Son Rising

Charles Gomez

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps - A Life of John Buchan

Ursula Buchan

Swami Vivekananda - The Journey of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Rakesh Tripathi

It’s All In The Mind - The Life and Legacy of Larry Stephens

Julie Warren

Tales from the Colony Room - Soho's Lost Bohemia

Darren Coffield

The Man in the Dog Park - Coming Up Close to Homelessness

Cathy A. Small

Stone Motel - Memoirs of a Cajun Boy

Morris Ardoin

Love Life and Lucille - Lessons Learned from a Centenarian

Judy Gaman

2021 Boston's Jewish Murder For Hire Continues - Public And Families Please Help Police Catch Killers

Larry Yudowitz

The Forever Swim

Antonio Argüelles

For Joshua - An Ojibwe Father Teaches His Son

Richard Wagamese